Removes In A Sentence

Definition of Removes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of remove | plural of remove

How To Use Removes In A Sentence?

  • When it falls on listening ears it removes all desire for anything coarse or unrefined.
  • Thy potent art removes each stain From dirtiest mortal on this sphere mundane.
  • So when Fate chooses, she removes all valueless feathers which will hinder success.
  • It removes from the mind of man its natural blindness and from the will of man its innate impotency.
  • It likewise removes from it a large portion of the perspiration and the more fluid portions of the oily secretion.
  • There is no mysterious charm belonging to his occupation which removes him beyond the reach of the influences by which all mankind are controlled.
  • It is quite an old-fashioned fallacy to suppose that our objection to scepticism is that it removes the discipline from life.
  • Here as in all exercise, companionship which removes conscious attention from advertence to the will greatly aids.
  • So of past ages, seen through the haze of an abstraction which removes all circumstantial features of deformity.
  • This process removes from the pores the matter exhaled from the blood, and also that collected from the atmosphere and other bodies.
  • A few swift touches on the outer face of the crude pot removes protruding masses and roughly shapes the surface.
  • Surgery removes the bullet out of the limb, which is an obstruction to cure, but nature heals the wound.
  • It is best not to wash the eggs before packing, as this removes the natural mucilaginous coating on the outside of the shell.
  • The process of distillation practically removes all nonvolatile foreign matter, mineral as well as organic.
  • Some persons perfume it; but fresh air removes the unpleasant smell which it gives, when used for clothes.
  • She sees when it begins to look pale, or turns cross or sick, and instantly removes it from excitement.
  • But now the case is altered; men make so little of breaking, that many times the family scarce removes for it.
  • The soda and soap, aided by the heat, soften the paint and the brush removes a quantity equal to about a coat of paint.
  • The trigger of a crossbow has a releasing function: it removes the obstacle that holds the string, and lets the bow fly back to its natural shape.
  • If the pilot is not satisfied, he sounds the place again; if he finds better water higher up or lower down, he removes the buoy to that place.
  • The blast splits up the stump into firewood, removes all the dirt, breaks all the main roots, and loosens the soil for yards around.
  • The bottle B contains a solution of sodium hydroxide, which removes the carbon dioxide formed along with the monoxide.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Removes | Removes Sentence

  • Unless this removes it a physician should be called.
  • This removes all large particles.
  • Three removes are as bad as a fire.
  • It removes all my doubts about telling this story.
  • This removes the strong bean taste.
  • Boiling these in caustic soda removes the shellac.
  • He is thus five or six removes from the people.
  • He removes the head of the dead Ilocano from her breasts.
  • These edges Mr. C. removes with the knife.
  • The Head Master began the removes of the top Shell.
  • The Head Master began the removes of the top Shell.
  • Seekonk River, Williams removes from, to Providence, 296.
  • Vigorous rubbing removes the fuzz after the nuts are scalded.
  • It removes from our surroundings any influence which is solely mechanical.
  • It expressly removes the material in that it denies the persistence of memory.
  • As he speaks he carefully removes a drooping branch of roses out of her way.
  • What profitable crop on your farm removes the least plant food?
  • It removes mountains at Mont Cenis, as it walked the waves with Columbus.

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