Remunerated In A Sentence

Definition of Remunerated

simple past tense and past participle of remunerate

How To Use Remunerated In A Sentence?

  • I reminded her that men were remunerated sufficiently in being allowed to serve their country in time of war.
  • These sacks were carried on the shoulders of the natives, for which service I remunerated them with beads.
  • We hope that Mr. Bixby will be adequately remunerated for his enterprise in getting out this splendid edition.
  • Indeed, it was long after the time when the chance of an overplus had become systematised as a means of paying authors, that it occurred to anyone that actors might also be remunerated in a similar way.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Remunerated | Remunerated Sentence

  • He remunerated me by giving me five times the value of what I had lost.

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