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  • Any remuneration that is made is paid to the order.
  • Is labor entitled to more remuneration than it receives?
  • This was a fair rate of remuneration for Bushmanland.
  • Of course, the remuneration will be the same as it has been up to this time.
  • A very much higher obligation decides for him what his remuneration is to be.
  • He may receive such remuneration as the council think reasonable.
  • Which one of us can claim the higher remuneration for his work?
  • That was because I refused to accept the remuneration he pressed upon me.
  • No; because, I repeat it, the principle of a remuneration is in the loan.

How To Use Remuneration In A Sentence?

  • The paltry remuneration he received for his productions is recorded by himself.
  • The remuneration of all the assistants is contingent on the means received in answer to prayer.
  • Real genius now obtains a remuneration always higher than that of clerks and tradesmen.
  • The first need a clear head and great patience, but the remuneration is very good.
  • Longman and Murray then offered to pay it, and wait for their remuneration from his works.
  • It consumes more energy in the work it exacts than the remuneration it gives is capable of replacing.
  • The remuneration was equivalent to the fees at that time paid in this country for the like services.
  • The emperor acquainted him with what he wanted, and offered a handsome remuneration for his trouble.
  • He then relates in detail the number and remuneration of all ecclesiastical offices, from bishop to cura.
  • In order to claim remuneration an agent must be legally qualified to act in the capacity in which he claims remuneration.
  • Methods of industrial remuneration giving an assurance of thus sharing the benefit of increased or more economical production are required.
  • That is to say, it cannot determine what is to be the standard of living or of remuneration of the workers....
  • I can never be grateful enough to him, for he has taught me without remuneration and not even a father could be kinder to me.
  • No committeeman or officer receives any remuneration for his services, except that the accountant gets a small salary.
  • Can we do anything by law to screw up the remuneration of the worst-paid workers to the minimum necessary for tolerable human existence?
  • For observe, first, the action of this high remuneration on the artist's mind.
  • You may put the remuneration for your services at whatever figure you like in reason, and it shall be paid over to you before we start.
  • What, then, is the real cause of the lowness of remuneration offered to women for work when compared with men?
  • Some of Cicero's contemporaries certainly received a large remuneration for their services.
  • Because the principle of remuneration is in labour; because he who works for another renders a service, and ought to receive a service.
  • In all his long and useful life he never accepted remuneration in any office which he held under the Cuban government.
  • It is the service rendered, after a free bargain, by the borrower to the lender, in remuneration for the service he has received by the loan.
  • When Italy shone brightest in art, the patronage and remuneration which the workers received was considerable.
  • The Assembly had for some years previously been accustomed to vote him an annual sum by way of remuneration for reporting their proceedings.
  • It is incapable, by its nature, of producing interest, of multiplying itself, and the remuneration it demands is a positive extortion.
  • This is the point in which the remuneration demanded by him would absorb all the advantage which William might find in making use of a plane.
  • I accepted the commission, and to the best of my power I have complied with it, without any remuneration whatever.
  • For us the scale of remuneration is a complex result of taxes, of governmental tutelage, of Capitalist monopoly.
  • And secondly, can we do anything to obtain for sweated workers, whether in homes or factories, rates of remuneration less palpably inadequate?
  • With this small remuneration the Havre line gets a smaller pay than any other running; but one dollar per mile.
  • I have never desired to make this book a source of profit to myself, beyond a reasonable remuneration for the time and labour I have spent on it.

Definition of Remuneration

Something given in exchange for goods or services rendered. | A payment for work done; wages, salary, emolument. | A recompense for a loss; compensation.
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