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  • The renaissance experience of moving beyond the frame allows everything old to look new again.
  • From a renaissance perspective he is still playing the game, albeit a different one.
  • Choose to believe that the renaissance I am describing has already taken place.
  • The other main features of the Renaissance permitted similar shifts in perspective.
  • The first Renaissance took us from the position of passive recipient to active interpreter.
  • In the full Renaissance the coarsest feeling sufficed to flavour a handsome, well-made picture.
  • It is in the Italian renaissance style, with colonnades, broken by centre and end pavilions.
  • It marks the culmination of the renaissance in the literary art of Germany and perhaps of Europe.
  • They embody the hopes of the Renaissance and depict a College of the Humanities.
  • Francis I, the gallant, art-loving monarch, the father of the Renaissance in France, was dead.
  • The evidence of today's renaissance is at least as profound as that of the one that went before.
  • The first to recognise the new renaissance will compete to have their ideologies be the ones that are rebirthed in this new context.
  • That refinement of ornament was their weak point, however, and opened the way for the renaissance attack.
  • Perhaps the most valuable idea to plant now, into the post-renaissance society of tomorrow, is the very notion of renaissance itself.
  • The spirit of the renaissance had freed poetry, statuary, and painting from the monopolising claims of the church.
  • Again, our renaissance insights and inventions aid us in our quest for a more dimensionalised perspective on our relationship to one another.
  • At the bases of such works one is apt to look for the signature of some artist of the Renaissance or of the eighteenth century.
  • Again, we find that this renaissance is characterised by the ability of an individual to reflect, or even affect, the grand narrative.
  • Certain facts concerning this educational Renaissance should be clearly understood in connection with the following selections: 1.
  • The principal part remaining is an octagonal turret of three stories, with elegant Renaissance decoration round the windows.
  • The Maccabaean rule brought not only a renaissance of national life and national culture, but also a revival of the national religion.
  • Rather famously the first renaissance elevated the Catholic mass into a congregation of Protestant readers.
  • There is no more philosophy now till a new spirit of enquiry and wonder is breathed into man at the Renaissance and the Reformation.
  • The two great groups of forces vaguely known as the Renaissance and the Revolution have both contributed to this result.
  • One special and distinct feature of the French Renaissance garden was the labyrinth, of which three forms were known.
  • Its antithesis is the castle of Nantes, with the stamp of the Renaissance upon its delicately sculptured balconies and window-frames.
  • Our own renaissance offers us the opportunity to enhance the dimensionality of these relationships even further, as we transform from readers into writers.
  • How much in Italy of the Renaissance was, like this plank-built, plastered theatre, a glorious sham!
  • This courtyard of the Louvre is perhaps that spot in all Paris which presents the greatest array of Renaissance art treasures.
  • A renaissance is a dimensional leap, when our perspective shifts so dramatically that our understanding of the oldest, most fundamental elements of existence changes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Renaissance | Renaissance Sentence

  • The renaissance set in with the dawn of summer.
  • A spiritual renaissance may be at hand.
  • The great Renaissance was a simple leap in perspective.
  • Understood this way, a renaissance is a moment of reframing.
  • This last year saw a great renaissance in the theatrical world too.
  • Another example is calculus, another key renaissance invention.
  • One of the chief results of the Renaissance was a change in religion.
  • Bewußtsein erst nach der Renaissance als seine Ägide erfaßt.
  • At the Renaissance this great half-truth overcame the other great half-truth.
  • The Renaissance in Italy, volume on the Fine Arts, chapter viii.

Definition of Renaissance

A rebirth or revival. | (historic) Alternative form of Renaissance
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