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  • Where was the renegade now?
  • The renegade stopped.
  • What a pernicious renegade he must be!
  • But he said nothing until the renegade was gone.
  • The renegade felt a thrill of satisfaction.
  • The renegade began to feel in his element.
  • However, the renegade did not accomplish his object.
  • I was unable to get the fleeing renegade out of my mind.
  • When will that renegade return from Stamboul?
  • The white renegade seemed waiting, his arm upraised.
  • Pah! of the renegade La Salle.
  • The words of the renegade pleased Francisco Alvarez.
  • The renegade came to himself when there were no more husks to eat.
  • This sight did not appear to disturb the renegade in the least.
  • He looked on him as a renegade since he had abandoned the fine arts.
  • The renegade did not seek to conceal the joy that shone in his eyes.
  • I'll sound the renegade son and see how he measures.
  • The pacha nodded his approbation; and the renegade proceeded with his story.
  • I saw the white renegade burst from the press, urging these laggards forward.
  • Eries yonder to the right, and a few renegade Mohawks with them.
  • How doth gratitude when men are dead Prove renegade and swiftly pass away!
  • Here Morton welcomed renegade servants from Plymouth and elsewhere.
  • The renegade was staring Northward, and the eyes of Alvarez followed his.
  • Some were trappers, some sailors; a few were Mexicans and renegade Indians.
  • But stop," said she, "do not alarm the renegade by violence to Mustapha.

How To Use Renegade In A Sentence?

  • Mustapha had intimated that the renegade considered his fifth voyage to be one of great marvels.
  • The renegade was startled, but he counseled immediate obedience from motives of policy.
  • The renegade had never spoken a word, but he and the five had exchanged some threatening glances.
  • Yet the triumphant looks of the Spanish captain and the renegade were hard to bear.
  • I thought it likely they had a renegade with them, for this is not Indian strategy.
  • He seemed to be gazing far beyond the Spaniard and the renegade into some greater future.
  • His manner indicated that the renegade had ceased to exist, and it made Wyatt furious.
  • Neither am I renegade to my life, in opening wide my heart to this flood of love and happiness.
  • The Turks, however, viewed the renegade with suspicion, and treated him with neglect.
  • The renegade Wanyamwezi who had married into Wagogo families were always our bane in this country.
  • She was an American woman, married to a renegade Mexican who was notoriously evil.
  • He could see through men like George the pork-contractor or the shameless renegade Hecebolius.
  • It may be he is a renegade Dissenting minister, neither good Church nor wholesome Nonconformity.
  • And she had not any other motive in view in abstracting the confession than of helping her renegade brother.
  • The renegade was a little at a nonplus, as he never had undergone the operation which he had described.

Definition of Renegade

(dated) To desert one's cause, or change one's loyalties; to commit betrayal. | An outlaw or rebel. | A disloyal person who betrays or deserts a cause, religion, political party, friend, etc.
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