Renews in a sentence

Definition of Renews

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of renew

Short Example Sentence for Renews

  • 1. Mr. Bradlaugh renews his notice as to perpetual pensions.
  • 2. Brutality renews those mysterious inner forces that it is not well to let die.
  • 3. His wistful glance renews the fire of merriment wherever it alights.
  • 4. Arthur was expected to come again sometime, as the sun renews his course.
  • 5. Everywhere, on all sides, Creation renews itself in an infinite variety.

How to use Renews in a Sentence?

  • 1. She renews her vows of devotion to our common country, and looks with hope to the future.
  • 2. He renews his furniture several times a year; changes his equipages every month.
  • 3. Pining disease and anguish wing their flight, And rosy health renews us to delight.
  • 4. Now every tree renews his summer's green, Why is your heart in winter's garments clad?
  • 5. How matters go, in this our day, When monarchy renews her sway, And royalty begins her play.
  • 6. This inarched shoot renews the connection between the leaves and the roots across the blighted area.
  • 7. In books it is ever self-sacrifice that purges and persuades, martyrdom of the senses that renews and relieves.
  • 8. When she receives a knockdown blow, she bends, seems crushed, and then renews her natural shape in a given time.
  • 9. It is largely in sleep that the system renews itself, that growth takes place, that waste products are thrown off, and the body repairs its wastes.
  • 10. It not only renews one's body: in a way it renews one's soul, restoring it to primaeval simplicity and naturalness.
  • 11. This state lasts unless he lifts his eyes to the skies above the waste, and renews his vows to the Goddess of Duty.
  • 12. Even in the night of the Immensity the demon renews the temptation of reason; Anthony wavers upon the verge of pantheism.
  • 13. He joins in all their enterprises, after being consulted on the subject, and having a sacrifice offered to him, which renews the union of the clansmen to him and to each other.
  • 14. The skin renews itself through the casting off of used cells (those that have already performed their functions) most rapidly, taking but a few weeks.
  • 15. The stem bears freely, like the banana of the same family, at the end of eight months, and then withering to the ground renews itself again from the roots.
  • 16. He renews his studies in philosophy, courts literary celebrities, reorganizes his army, and collects forces for a renewed encounter, which he foresees.
  • 17. After rubbing the body for a short time, the attendant throws a can of cold water on the head and shoulders and then renews the friction, a process repeated until inflammation and pain has subsided.