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Definition of Rennet

Alternative form of reinette.

How To Use Rennet In A Sentence?

  • The coagulation of the casein in milk by the addition of rennet has already been referred to.
  • Milk is curdled with rennet and condensed by heating until it has a butter-like consistency.
  • The method of curdling without the usual animal rennet is interesting and unusual.
  • When the rennet is put in, the heat of the milk should be from 90 to 96 degrees.
  • She put her rennet into the butter-pan, and her skimming dish into the cheese-tub.
  • If too large a proportion of rennet is mixed with the milk, the cheese will be tough and leathery.
  • Having strained into a tub a bucket of new milk, turn it in the usual way with rennet water.
  • Wash a small bit of rennet about two inches square, in cold water, to get off the salt.
  • Cut a piece of rennet about two inches square, wash off the salt in cold water, and wipe it dry.
  • Such a change is similar to the action of rennet which is used to curdle the milk in cheese making.
  • Add this to the extract of rennet and stir into the milk as much as your taste may deem sufficient.
  • The second type is that made from curd, which is precipitated by the addition of rennet to the milk.
  • The lactic bacteria are therefore an essential factor in inaugurating the ripening changes in all types of rennet cheese.
  • The heated milk does not curdle readily when rennet is added due to the precipitation of the lime salts by heat.
  • After the rennet is added, the curd stands for an hour and is separated from the whey by being lifted in a cheesecloth and strained.
  • Let it stand all night, and in the morning stir the rennet water into a quart pitcher of warm milk.
  • Put the rennet into it, leaving the string hanging out over the side, that you may know where to find it.
  • To take the place of the natural butterfat the phony fats are whipped in violently and extra rennet is added to speed up coagulation.
  • Sheep's milk is rich, and she put rennet in that, and fed the children on the curd.
  • In the morning (after taking as much of it as you want) put the rennet water into a bottle and cork it tightly.
  • The clear liquid which separates when milk is curdled with rennet is called whey, and contains the milk sugar and mineral salts.
  • Next day, when she put the rennet in the sheep's milk, not a bit would the curd come.
  • But our occidental kind with animal milk and rennet is never eaten by Chinese and the mere mention of it has been known to make them shiver.
  • You may keep rennet in white wine; cutting it in small pieces, and putting it into a glass jar with wine enough to cover it well.
  • The latter is removed, and to the blue milk thus obtained about a square inch of rennet is to be added, and the milk-vessel placed in warm water.
  • It is made in the usual way, rennet added, curd broken up, whey drained off, curd put into forms and pressed lightly.
  • Made with rennet and a bacterial "starter," the curd is cut and pressed to squeeze out all of the whey and then aged in cylindrical forms for a year or more.
  • Either the wine or the rennet will be found good for turning milk; but do not put in both together, or the curd will become so hard and tough, as to be uneatable.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rennet | Rennet Sentence

  • The milk is coagulated with rennet at 80 deg.
  • Fresh, warm milk is coagulated by rennet in four hours.
  • The rennet must soak all night in the water before it can be fit for use.
  • The first stage in the ripening is due to the rennet and the lactic bacteria.

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