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  • It will reorganize the Pindar Shops.
  • In the meantime he set out to reorganize and perfect his merged property.
  • He counted upon him to reorganize the island from a military point of view.
  • He owes it to his company, as well as to himself, to reorganize his work.
  • The Sayers Automobile Company is going to reorganize its sales organization.
  • I meet General Wood, and ask if I shall not halt and reorganize them.

How To Use Reorganize In A Sentence?

  • In the autumn of the same year he was appointed to reorganize the provincial troops.
  • And as we can prove that such is the case, let us see how to reorganize production so as to really satisfy all needs.
  • We must reorganize the repairing of our rolling-stock, on the basis of the mass production of spare parts.
  • Of course, his neat and spruce trim has been considerably disarrayed, so now he proceeds to reorganize his appearance.
  • Society itself will be forced to take production in hand, in its entirety, and to reorganize it to meet the needs of the whole people.
  • After having to reorganize their team at the last moment, Randall makes a touchdown that won a big game.
  • Before they came to me this morning I had made a plan to reorganize the shops, to grant many privileges.
  • It is the method and knowledge of the abstract sciences that the Positive Philosophy has to reorganize in a great whole.
  • In 1804 he was notified by Prince Esterhazy that he was about to reorganize his chapel, and wished him for its conductor again.
  • Mr. Crowell is one of the business experts called into the department last Autumn to reorganize it.
  • The Germans are still struggling hard to get their guns, especially the heavy guns, further forward and to reorganize their divisions.
  • Disgusted with his apparent lack of prospects, he was now anxious to be sent to Turkey to reorganize the Turkish artillery.
  • The comparative lull enabled us to reorganize and consolidate our position on the new line we had taken up and to obtain some rest after the fatigue and strain of the night.
  • It took Lawrence some little time to reorganize his troop, and to fill the places of those who fell in the fight with Red Jerry.
  • At the same time that Townshend brought in this bill, he brought in others to reorganize the colonial customs service and make it possible to collect the duties.

Definition of Reorganize

(transitive) to organize something again, or in a different manner | (intransitive) to undergo a reorganization
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