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  • Abdullah now turned his attention to reorganizing the system of justice.
  • Likewise the difficulty of reorganizing Europe on a truly ethnic basis.
  • He was putting pep into G. H. Q. and reorganizing the various departments.

How To Use Reorganizing In A Sentence?

  • The night passed quietly, and was spent by us in reorganizing and consolidating our positions.
  • Davis Incorporated were reorganizing and would do nothing until their plans were completed.
  • In this interval Baltimore busied himself in reorganizing his government on a Protestant basis.
  • Much good has already come from the act reorganizing the Army, passed early in the present year.
  • After one or two abortive attempts, a Bill reorganizing Grammar Schools was passed in 1871.
  • He succeeded in reorganizing the resources of the empire and in rekindling its ambitions for conquest.
  • For every piece that he had cut from the monsters, every protoplasmic ribbon was reorganizing before his eyes into the semblance of a new creature.
  • In 1812 he took command of the militia of Connecticut, and as a member of the Legislature was active in reorganizing for the local defence.
  • Up to the outbreak of hostilities in 1937 the national and provincial governments were making great strides in reorganizing judicial administration and in the professionalization of police work.
  • More important in its permanent influence on student activities was his work in reorganizing the system of conducting general student body affairs, especially the financial side of these affairs.

Definition of Reorganizing

present participle of reorganize
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