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  • My father will repay you.
  • I can never repay you.
  • And who is to repay me for their loss?
  • Has the time come to repay it?
  • It will well repay a visit.
  • Now he might be able to repay the debt in full.
  • Both are open to the public and richly repay a visit.
  • To repay my friends, as much again!
  • The Lord repay her on that day.
  • The English translation will repay perusal.
  • Will the Government repay us those moneys?
  • It might be a long time before I could repay the loan.
  • Yet it will, I think, repay the reader.
  • I would that I could repay you in some way.
  • What can I ever do to repay you for all your kindness!
  • It would repay them for their labor, and yield them a rich harvest of gain.
  • So may our soul repay her debt to God for her past infidelities.
  • Do then as Hiram bids you, or repay the money you clutched so eagerly.
  • And there's no way I can repay you....
  • I begin to fear I can never repay you, not even with a great success.
  • I hope you will let my father's son repay a part of his debt.
  • Danny felt that he never, never could repay all of Peter's kindness.

How To Use Repay In A Sentence?

  • He would do it again gladly now if that would repay all that her father had done for him.
  • This will amply repay the extra trouble and expense by increasing the farm crops.
  • The luxuriant carving of the abbot's stall is in itself enough to repay an artist's journey.
  • Plums are usually put on east walls, but the best repay a south as well as a west aspect.
  • He would be glad to be tried on any account, he said, and would certainly repay the money.
  • Nothing that I may ever say or do can repay even a mite of the obligation that is upon me.
  • If I asked of any of them even the value of my shoe, tell me, and I will repay you more.
  • The day I left the island your father lent me fifty pounds, and now I repay it to his daughter.
  • Yet, especially as he did befriend you, I'll do my best to repay Jeremy's kindness.
  • Oh, if you have, I want you or my father to repay Jacob for his nuggets which I stole.
  • It will repay you to study this speech closely and to wrest from it its innermost secrets of power and effectiveness.
  • All he had asked for now was work, and a hope of saving up enough to repay those who had trusted him in his dismay.
  • This obligation he can in part repay by helping all citizens to a better understanding of the issues on which the progress of the nation turns.
  • Kindness to others seldom fails of its reward; and none is so weak that he may not be able in some fashion to repay it.
  • I propose, by putting her at the head of my post-office department, to fully repay myself for all she will receive.
  • Then the bitter thought came that what she had suffered for him who had given him everything, he could never repay by one kind word or look.
  • Their chances are small of finding those objects of art which, by their beauty and elegance, repay any amount of toil and expense.
  • And there was that marvellous cabinet on the landing, black lacquer with silver herons, which alone would repay a couple of burglars.

Definition of Repay

To pay back.
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