Repeating In A Sentence

Definition of Repeating

That repeats; repetitive. | Of a firearm: capable of firing multiple times without needing recharging. | (mathematics) Of a decimal: recurring.

How To Use Repeating In A Sentence?

  • They were not repeating for our entertainment actions which had been performed before.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Repeating | Repeating Sentence

  • She was repeating in giving.
  • She was repeating in being living.
  • Molly kept repeating to herself.
  • She was not repeating in dying.
  • Rose was repeating to herself with fervency.
  • She was repeating that thing.
  • Advance in repeating syllables.
  • There is no crime in repeating them before a father!
  • The chief was repeating something over and over again.
  • I am weary of repeating that this is false.
  • We began repeating the lesson.
  • Avoid repeating the phrases of the text.
  • She was repeating that that child was that one.
  • So he had no intention of repeating the error.
  • German war history was repeating itself.
  • Avoid repeating a brilliant or clever saying.
  • All unite in repeating the fourth commandment.
  • If you did, will you favor me by repeating it?
  • This optical illusion kept repeating itself.
  • Windt bent forward again repeating the message aloud.
  • So he drove on, repeating what he had said.
  • After a pause he began again, repeating himself.
  • He was merely innocently repeating local gossip.
  • Both of the newcomers held repeating rifles at the ready.
  • In his right hand he carried a repeating carbine.
  • Part of this word picture is worth repeating verbatim.
  • Aft, a sentry at the ready was repeating his challenge.
  • He could not help repeating the word with bitter emphasis.
  • Vance Corliss was repeating to himself.
  • But the question, repeating itself, followed her.
  • She kept repeating that, with sardonic inflexible eyes.
  • He was repeating the directions when Malone left.
  • Do you believe that God keeps repeating himself?
  • By Jove, sir, this is history repeating itself.
  • She was repeating to herself the Twenty-third Psalm.
  • Page 16: Repeating "a" removed (water at a splendid pace).
  • What's the use of repeating it?
  • In living and in repeating she was determining in being exciting.
  • They had brought with them their repeating rifles and revolvers.

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