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How To Use Repetition In A Sentence?

  • The orderly repetition of parts frequently aids in the production of ornamental effects.
  • It was but the mechanical repetition of two notes falling always from high to low.
  • The repetition of this exercise will give the most surprising results, even in the first lesson.
  • We hear them read far too often and far too badly, and all repetition is anti-spiritual.
  • Granny, however, was too much tired to comply, and the repetition was deferred to another day.
  • The journey south through the Everglades seemed but a repetition of their former trip to Bill.
  • Another day, however, when I begged for a repetition of it, the girls could recall nothing of it.
  • Heres repetition of my brothers care, Of sisters chardge, of grace, and feare of God.
  • It almost seemed as if there would be a repetition of the naval battle which had caused the town to be put out of bounds.
  • A repetition of the test from time to time showed that the car was now travelling at a fairly constant level.
  • The repetition of these flexions will soon render the legs supple, pliable and independent of the thighs.
  • They become more and more rare through repetition of the right movements made for the child to see and through guiding the limbs of the child.
  • This eternal repetition of the fact in which all sides are agreed, can throw no light on the point about which we dispute.
  • We know not of them, but over the land there are hundreds of our fellow mortals whose days are but a repetition of suffering.
  • The phenomenon did not last more than half a minute, and with its abrupt disappearance came a repetition of the cry.
  • It was returned unopened, and accompanied by a very positive assurance that any future repetition would not be forgiven.
  • His hand was on the knob and he was about to make some repetition of his farewells when Guion spoke again.
  • The channels would have become widened by the repetition and the opposite channels would have been somewhat closed by the lack of use.
  • It was a repetition of the old fable of the ox and the frog, and with a like ending; the frog burst his skin.
  • The earliest success is with the repetition of the vowels "a-u-o," but this is irregular and inaccurate.
  • The surest test of the perfect condition of all the segments is afforded by the repetition of sounds, syllables, and words pronounced by others.
  • The articulation was speedily perfected; yet there was no success at all in the repetition of French nasal sounds.
  • The demonstration I shall give will only be a repetition of the preceding one, for the problems are one and the same.
  • He heard the splash of an anchor, accompanied by the rumble and clank of chains, forward; and a repetition of the sounds aft.
  • With the fighters it is often different, as we have seen, and though the stories savour of repetition, the repetition is surely worth while.
  • The strictly strophic treatment is used, or, in other words, the repetition of the melody of the first stanza in all the succeeding ones.
  • Child tries and laughs at his failures, if others laugh; parrot-like repetition of some syllables (118).
  • Her husband, not a bad fellow in his way, had long since returned to her, and as yet had not done more than threaten a repetition of his assault.
  • Wieland ridiculed it in his "Euthanasia," and others denounced it as a mere repetition of former statements.
  • Here, too, the autosuggestion may become effective by the frequency of the repetition or by the urgency of the expression or by the accompanying motor reactions.
  • The story has grown familiar to both relater and listener, and sometimes you are regaled not only with the tale itself, but with the repetition of your own comments thereon.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Repetition | Repetition Sentence

  • And this is but a repetition of other years.
  • Of themselves repetition and order can do much.
  • The repetition of the phrase made him sit straighter.
  • The kaleidoscope affords a wonderful example of what repetition will do.
  • To avoid chance of repetition of the scene they conveyed him as he was.
  • Correct repetition of a syllable pronounced to him is, however, very rare.
  • Striking hands together in applause and desire for repetition (319).
  • At the repetition of the vizier's speech, Yussuf became highly exasperated.

Definition of Repetition

To petition again. | The act or an instance of repeating or being repeated. | (weightlifting): The act of performing a single, controlled exercise motion. A group of repetitions is a set.
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