Replace The In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Replace The | Replace The Sentence

  • Replace the dish in its cover.
  • Replace the lids of the capsules.
  • Then replace the pipette and washer.
  • I will replace the dead with the living.
  • A board of patients will not replace the doctor.
  • Clams may be used to replace the oysters.
  • She would replace the old one at once.
  • Replace the tube cultivation in its rack or jar.
  • Prunes may be used to replace the dates.
  • Replace the cotton-wool plug in the mouth of the tube.
  • Replace the given conic by a pair of protective pencils.
  • We will replace the prairie by a five-storied house.
  • Wheat cereal may be used to replace the cornmeal.
  • The expert ought to replace the amateur in every field.
  • Almost any choice of meat may replace the turkey or ham.
  • Cold roast pork may be used to replace the ham.
  • Replace the lid, and send the pie to table warm.
  • To remove and replace the packs would take too much time.
  • Replace the washer-pipette in tube A.
  • How could I replace the stones?
  • I shall then replace the flask before Marianna wakes.
  • Replace the atmospheric air by hydrogen, as in method IX.
  • They come to replace the guardians of the day by those of the night.
  • Anger began to replace the futile despair of a moment before.
  • It isn't going to replace the men who quit.
  • Sally slid out of bed to replace the cup and to put out the lamp.
  • With obvious disgust he signed again to the trooper to replace the cover.
  • Now we went to replace the deck planking, and she bethought herself.
  • He bade the man replace the bag and drive him at once to the railway-station.
  • Yet no nobler solicitudes seemed to replace the waning interests of this life.
  • Could asbestos fibers be used to replace the wire in a safety lamp?
  • Boiled mutton or lamb may be used in these dishes to replace the roast meat.
  • Each man set to work to replace the missing parts from carved wood.

How To Use Replace The In A Sentence?

  • You can no more undo what has been done than you can replace the child in the womb.
  • How was it possible to replace the vital document that had been destroyed by fire!
  • What must we do in order to replace the unconscious by the conscious in our patient?
  • The impersonal relations of employer and employed replace the patriarchal traditions.
  • It took the strength of all the three present to hold him back and replace the covering.
  • She could still replace the letter and look for other means of bringing about what she wished.
  • And she tearfully begged the yokel who was rowing her to replace the fish in its native element.

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