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  • Let's just see that they don't replenish the Belt.
  • Once during the night he awoke and arose to replenish the fire.
  • Time and again he rose to re-heat the stones and replenish the fire.
  • He bent forward as this thought came to him to replenish the fire.
  • They stopped sometimes to kill game and replenish their supplies of food.
  • She draws him; he feels her faded loveliness urge him to replenish it.
  • As he neared Trenton, he stopped at a garage to replenish his gasoline.

How To Use Replenish In A Sentence?

  • Courtesans were licensed in order that their trade might help to replenish the imperial treasury.
  • Do not neglect to replenish the larder before supplies are out, as transportation is slow.
  • Have a kettle of boiling water at the fire to replenish the pot if it wastes too much.
  • In both accounts, only a seed of life sufficient to replenish the earth is saved.
  • The maid came in occasionally to replenish the fire, but her light movements did not disturb me.
  • A servant came in then, to replenish the bowl, and we left the refreshments in his charge.
  • Still, hour after hour went by, and we reached no place at which we could replenish it.
  • After two months I found it necessary to do something to replenish my exhausted finances.
  • A stack of wood, placed near to replenish the fire, has caught, and is smouldering also.
  • Is the finger-sign for "Back her," that they use at home when they wish to replenish their pipes?
  • Where a stranger might land, to recruit his worn crew, Replenish the casks, and the water renew.
  • As this blanket of grass finally gives way here and there the attending potters replenish it with more bunches.
  • The first unpleasant incident occurred when the boat had been run against a bank at a woodpile to replenish her fuel.
  • That killers of Men, to replenish the Store, Be bound to the Wedlock, and made to get more.
  • Have ready a kettle of boiling water to replenish the maccaroni pot if it should be in danger of getting too dry.
  • But the captain touched there only to replenish his coal bunkers, and that was but a day's job.
  • He carried a taper in his hand; he was going round doubtless to replenish the lamps if they had gone out.
  • Every time the sea gave him a moment's respite he would replenish it with another puff.
  • Deliberate utterance will give the necessary opportunity to replenish the lungs, so that the speaker will not suffer from unnecessary fatigue.
  • If this be the case, it necessarily follows that stimulants deplete, and can never replenish the vital exchequer.
  • For three hours he never slackened speed, and then only pulled up in a fair-sized town to replenish his oil and gasoline.
  • His other argument was the notion that they could replenish their supplies with wild fruit and they could kill game for food, along the way.
  • However, this did not trouble his conscience, as he was one who lived for money, and he saw here a chance to replenish his pocketbook.
  • He brought in wood and brush, which he broke up and piled in another corner, to have it near at hand to replenish the fire.
  • Sure enough, in the course of an hour, squaws began to come forth from their lodges and replenish their waning fires.
  • They must boil steadily from two to three hours; take care to replenish the pot with additional boiling water as it is wanted.
  • At length, when the tide was about half way down, he found the fire burning too low, and determined to go ashore and replenish it.
  • At the same time Wolsey was attempting to negotiate for a supply of gold from Antwerp to replenish the currency.
  • You will please leave us in the twilight, sustained by doughnuts, burrowing in the pile, throwing out sticks to replenish our chest of blocks.
  • The two of them remained close in camp; and Charley was dispatched to purchase ponies and saddles, and what was needful to replenish their stores.
  • He ordered that the priest should receive food and attention, and that men should look after and replenish his canoe which was now tied in the bayou.
  • The slave trade, which brought many kidnapped slaves from Africa to those States was needed to replenish the number of slaves who died.
  • Little Dr. Pingree, who felt the arrival to be very inopportune, nevertheless gallantly hastened to replenish the fire.

Definition of Replenish

(transitive) To refill; to renew; to supply again or to add a fresh quantity to. | (transitive, archaic) To fill up; to complete; to supply fully. | (transitive, obsolete) To finish; to complete; to perfect.
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