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  • I feel no hesitancy in replying to this interrogatory.
  • Vetch laughed without replying directly to her question.
  • For a minute or two before replying he studied her closely.
  • I asked, replying for Vivian.
  • Weissmann was replying to Mrs. Lambert.
  • It is to what you are that you reply amen, and by replying subscribe.
  • For awhile he listened intently, replying with short-clipped affirmatives.
  • Now, in replying to this argument, no theist denies the major premiss.
  • What a sorry answer any one, replying for this age, would have to give him.
  • Without replying Wanda placed her arms around my neck and kissed me.
  • Without replying the Captain entered, and shut and locked the door behind him.
  • Without replying to his chatter I followed him in as quickly as I could.
  • Gertrude Lodge talked most, Rhoda replying with monosyllabic preoccupation.
  • Why does the scene close without Jean's replying to the Bishop?

How To Use Replying In A Sentence?

  • Mac was on the point of replying when there came a most unexpected interruption.
  • I was about replying to him affirmatively, when his words arrested my attention.
  • There was no difficulty in replying as she wanted, and that with perfect truth and candour.
  • Eve continued, a slight haughtiness in her manner alone replying to his remark.
  • Before replying she took time to search in her work-basket for another skein of silk.
  • Barbara turned without replying and passed out, less airily than she had entered.
  • Darkly, through a fog, he heard the outer man replying to some speech from the girl beside him.
  • Duncan junior was equally firm in replying to his sister's remonstrances later in the day.
  • The landlord looked particularly miserable; luckily he was saved from the necessity of replying by an unexpected intervention.
  • Hardly replying to the congratulations showered upon him, he reentered the bar and hastened towards his now recovering companion.
  • His observer was replying to the machine-gun fire converging upon the fugitive craft from three different points.
  • The colonel was hugging the ground, and merely turned his face towards me without replying or attempting to obey the order.
  • Beatrice recollected what her father had said, but eluded it the next moment, by replying to herself, that no commands had been given in this case.
  • In replying to this scruple, Luther has given a classical description of the quality and power of faith.
  • Instead of replying Herman got up from the seat into which he had flung himself, and went about the studio putting out the lights.
  • The priest, without replying to him, pressed his hands more strongly in his own, and fixed his tearful eyes on his face.
  • Beyond that field of death he could see other and larger flashes, and knew the Hun was replying in kind.
  • Directly afterwards we heard a roar, and another lion sprang from the cover, the first replying with a roar which made the welkin ring.
  • Without replying to me, he made a sign that I might enter, and went into the embrasure of the window.
  • The French were received with a volley of balls from the shore; but they landed without replying to the fire, and hostilities were avoided.
  • The gun was alive now, pouring a stream of missiles from its bronze throat, the British replying with both cannon and muskets.
  • I respond to you, Madame, for his carelessness in replying to letters is extreme; he is so shameful that he is in despair when he is obliged to it.
  • Instead of replying Zoe helped herself for the second time to omelette with truffles, and Parmesan cheese.
  • But Miss Maitland showed no hesitation or annoyance, replying clearly and promptly to everything they asked.
  • The Secretary of State contented himself with replying that he would submit my communication to the President.
  • Remember that your dependents have seldom a full power of replying to you; and let the recollection of that make you especially considerate in your dealings with them.

Definition of Replying

present participle of reply
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