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How To Use Report Of In A Sentence?

  • The report of the committee put an end to all these hopes.
  • The report of the mining engineer was graver still.
  • An official report of the matter would be an absurdity.
  • Suddenly the sharp report of firearms split the air.
  • The official report of this last mentions him favorably.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Report Of | Report Of Sentence

  • Report of committees.
  • Receiving report of committees.
  • What was the report of the newspaper?
  • The report of an eyewitness.
  • I have heard such a good report of.
  • Report of committee of candidates for membership.
  • There was a sharp report of arms.
  • I heard the report of a gun.
  • Then she caught the report of a gun.
  • The report of the dog was a fact.
  • There will be the report of a pistol heard.
  • We will now have the report of the nominating committee.
  • Suddenly the report of a pistol was heard.
  • I heard the report of arms.
  • And this is only one report of many.
  • I have heard the report of thee.
  • But the report of his musket spread the alarm.
  • Then was heard the loud report of a gun.
  • Tom was ill-advised to report of me at home.
  • You must be satisfied with a faithful report of it.
  • Did you make a written report of your mission?
  • The report of the wild swans was traced to him.
  • The report of the first of these is translated herewith.
  • Your report of our conversation is altogether accurate.
  • This belief was confirmed by the report of the servant.
  • Later came the blasting report of a rifle.
  • I also enclose the report of the detectives.
  • The report of firearms was seldom heard.
  • It was the report of a rifle in the palace square.
  • Well, and what is the report of your calling?
  • Three times quickly they heard the report of the pistol.
  • Suddenly was heard the report of rifle fire in front.
  • The muffled report of the blast echoed dully.
  • Then the loud report of the threatening pistol rang out.
  • I present brief extracts from my report of that year.
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