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  • Both the reporter and the editor laughed ironically.
  • I looked the small town reporter over in surprise.
  • The small Telly reporter was indignant.
  • The reporter swung himself aboard the last Pullman.
  • By the Reporter of the Court Journal.
  • PAUL Northeastern reporter digest.
  • By Noble H. Seay, reporter of decisions.
  • A trembling young reporter stood in the presence of an eminent city editor.
  • You're the best Telly reporter of them all.
  • Once again the Telly reporter sounded completely around the bend.
  • He presented himself, however, as reporter of the Committee.
  • The reporter shook hands with Mr. Parker and Penny, then left the office.
  • PAUL Texas decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated.
  • NORTHEASTERN reporter digest.
  • That's where the reporter over on our side hits the nail every time.
  • The reporter beamed: "My dear sir, the very thing, the very thing.

How To Use Reporter In A Sentence?

  • Again he fell back with a drunken giggle, while the editor and his reporter laughed gleefully.
  • By and by he came to Hartford and wanted me to get him a place as reporter on a Hartford paper.
  • When the boy was gone, Joe sank into a chair and looked up at the Telly reporter accusingly.
  • Jag var reporter i Nyheterna, och som ni kanske minns, så ansågs jag inte höra till de sämsta.
  • SEE Kentucky decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated.
  • SEE Missouri decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated.
  • The Telly reporter turned desperately back to Joe Mauser, pounding him on the shoulder.
  • PAUL Missouri decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated.
  • PAUL Kentucky decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated.
  • IV Joe Mauser shook hands with the Telly reporter in an abrupt, impatient manner.
  • And every reporter on the ground will have the word, and his most powerful telescopic lens at the ready.
  • It seems that he and the reporter got into the ante-room, and the reporter is a clever caricaturist in his way.
  • Next day the young reporter got a raise in salary and the woman swallowed two ounces of permanganate of potassium.
  • A reporter from one of the less reputable dailies had asked for an interview, and had written an article which barely escaped being libelous.
  • But strangers were scarce in Center that day and the only one he could hear of was the reporter who had interviewed him that morning.
  • A local reporter for the opposition paper entered, and the editor, eager for spicy copy, followed him.
  • So the reporter waited while the lad did so, and presently there came a sound of eager feet within the front hall, and the door was flung wide.
  • He enjoyed everything, saw everything, described everything, like a keen reporter of the papers he had used to sell.
  • Such are the facts, from which the Reporter infers, that the aneurism consisted of a protrusion of the internal and middle coats of the artery.
  • He could feel the craft jump lightly each time the cursing Telly reporter jettisoned another article of equipment, his pants, or his shoes.
  • The sensitive reporter confessed herself put out by the singular commingling of moods and dispositions, and seemed to be describing several persons in one.
  • Consequently the few travellers between the two places waited until a train happened along or, if they were in a hurry, engaged a team as the reporter had done.
  • TEXAS decisions reported in the Southwestern reporter annotated, v. 260-265, May-Dec. 1924.

Definition of Reporter

Someone or something that reports. | A journalist who investigates, edits and reports news stories for newspapers, radio and television. | A person who records and issues official reports of judicial or legislative proceedings.
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