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Definition of Represent

(transitive) To present again or anew; to present by means of something standing in the place of; to exhibit the counterpart or image of; to typify. | (transitive) To portray visually; to delineate | (transitive) To portray by mimicry or acting; to act the part or character of

How To Use Represent In A Sentence?

  • The figures so obtained would evidently represent the relative weights of the atoms.
  • The two lines of each pair are supposed to represent the two electrodes of a cell.
  • Take my word for it, this world is a more obliging world than people generally represent it.
  • They represent merely the literature of unrest which has been openly circulated in India.
  • Sinan might wish to represent himself as a very plain, simple, innocent sort of person.
  • The so-called Mind is only to be regarded as a stage on which certain events represent themselves.
  • Bronze knives of ancient date, with golden handles carved to represent a woman dancing, are rare.
  • The other portion of No. 21 must therefore represent the substance in which the god is walking.
  • The condensers of the figure are merely conventionals to represent the condenser which the line itself forms.
  • Write an equation to represent the reaction involved in the preparation of ammonia from ammonium chloride.
  • Write equations to represent the reactions involved in the preparation of barium chloride from heavy spar.
  • Write equations to represent the reactions involved in the preparation of strontium hydroxide and strontium nitrate from strontianite.
  • This is intended to represent a simple bar of iron with a winding of one direction throughout its length.
  • There are extant more than three thousand of his letters, which represent only a small proportion of all that he wrote.
  • Speaking generally modern machines represent as a rule detail improvements rather than the complete changes of the past.
  • When a given substance undergoes a chemical change it is possible to represent this change by the use of such symbols and formulas.
  • The earlier debt was now hopelessly out of his reach, and seemed to represent a social plane from which he had for ever fallen.
  • The holograph allows us to represent not just three, but four dimensions on a two-dimensional plate.
  • Before the castle some little trees were placed round a little looking-glass, which was to represent a clear lake.
  • This is the case; but the grotesque may represent the truly horrible or repellent, and be simply repulsive.
  • And the one will turn out to be only one of one, and being absolute unity, will represent a mere name.
  • They represent great traditions and great interests, which duty and statesmanship equally forbid us to ignore.
  • They no doubt represent the kings, bishops, and heroes of English history from Egbert to Henry II.
  • In taking them they do not forget us: those very things represent tokens of his remembrance of us, and also of our remembrance of him.
  • Hence, when this system is attacked, its advocates repel the attack by the use of words which truly represent nature, but not their errors.
  • Using fractals and their equations, we can now represent and work with objects from the natural world that defy Cartesian analysis.
  • HgO will in this way represent mercuric oxide, a molecule of which has been found to contain 1 atom each of mercury and oxygen.
  • Commissioners who were sent to represent the United States were not allowed to approach the place of meeting.
  • To represent the standard of perfect healthiness and exemption from injury due to insects, or drought, or any other causes, one hundred is taken.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Represent | Represent Sentence

  • I represent only my sex.
  • See the lines that represent the river.
  • No one man and no few men can represent them.
  • Never forget that such persons represent Majesty itself.
  • Why do we have such tiny things to represent such great things?
  • Various attempts appear to have been made to represent this phonetically.
  • A considerable part of these pensions represent merely deferred pay.
  • I cannot name any pigments which would well represent the tertiary colours.
  • The device they're supposed to represent couldn't do anything.
  • The lines represent the roads, and the eight spots the castles of the emirs.
  • Only Royal gates and the gates of officials who represent Royalty are high.
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