Reproachfully In A Sentence

How To Use Reproachfully In A Sentence?

  • Often did he look reproachfully at the monstrous combination of gilded wood and iron.
  • Guard slunk off, his tail between his legs, and his bright eyes fixed reproachfully on me.
  • Her mother, too, was there, reproachfully glad that the delay had at last ended so simply.
  • He regards me reproachfully with his one efficient eye, and I observe his nose is much swollen.
  • I paused, astounded, and I looked reproachfully at her, but her expression did not change.
  • Upon this, the Duke of Monmouth raised his head and looked the man reproachfully in the face.
  • Fudge looked reproachfully at Mr. Cochran, sighed, and again faced the pitcher.
  • Winnie's face rose reproachfully before him as he stopped and looked at the entrance.
  • Missy regarded her aunt reproachfully but helplessly; she was too genuinely upset for any repartee.
  • If you suggest that he is fantastic, it is reproachfully asked if poetry is not fantastic, and if you do not like poetry?
  • Annis flushed scarlet, and the quick tears welled into her eyes as she turned them reproachfully upon her sister.
  • His calmness exasperated her as he stood there with his handsome face looking down a little reproachfully at her flushed cheeks and sparkling eyes.
  • The boy's face flushed, and he looked reproachfully at the speaker, but said no word.
  • When the menacing peril had passed, and the pages had returned to the palace, he turned to them reproachfully with the sealed letter in his hand.
  • Garcia shook his head reproachfully when the visitor, who was some seventy years his junior, stated that he could not tell what a note was by ear.
  • Brick turned his head at last; he looked, also, not reproachfully but with a question in his hard stern eyes.
  • She, however, found it a little difficult to laugh at the right places, and at last the lad glanced reproachfully at her.
  • Joe, who had already started to climb into the reaper seat, came back and looked in at the door, the better to look reproachfully at us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reproachfully | Reproachfully Sentence

  • She looked reproachfully at him.
  • Coulston reproachfully shook his head.
  • Jake looked reproachfully at his deputy.
  • She nods her small head reproachfully at him.
  • Tom shook his head reproachfully at the thought of him.
  • She saw him look reproachfully at her coffin.
  • She lifted her eyes reproachfully to his face.
  • The girl looked reproachfully across at her friend.
  • Lady Olive looked reproachfully at him.
  • He looks round reproachfully at Neilson.
  • His eyes reproachfully trailed off to Poke Drury.
  • At first he looked around reproachfully at the people in the car.
  • Janet got up slowly from her big chair and looked reproachfully at her sister.
  • Ronny sipped at his drink, then blinked reproachfully down into the glass.
  • This time the divine eyes of the younger looked reproachfully upon him.
  • She looked at him almost reproachfully for a moment, and then her eyes fell.
  • Lily, knowing that the eye of Ed had travelled reproachfully to her.
  • She told me kindly but reproachfully that she had thought I must be ill.
  • At this all the other ladies looked reproachfully at Miss Greer.
  • Jerry Dodd looked reproachfully at Daphne and wagged his head.
  • Mr. Gunthorpe looked at me reproachfully as I moved off with my wife.
  • His mother looked up reproachfully into the young fellow's happy eyes.

Definition of Reproachfully

In a reproachful manner.
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