Reproduce In A Sentence

Definition of Reproduce

(transitive) To produce an image or copy of. | (intransitive, biology) To generate offspring (sexually or asexually), or organisms. | (transitive) To produce again; to recreate.

How To Use Reproduce In A Sentence?

  • He copied nature so faithfully as to reproduce his subjects in all their ignobleness.
  • The photograph of the bull we reproduce was taken immediately after the adventure.
  • These gentlemen kindly enabled me to reproduce this chart for the present work.
  • Masters might have coveted to reproduce on one of their immortal pictured faces.
  • Thus a telephone receiver arranged in series with it was made to reproduce the sounds.
  • You know the holiday feelings are very difficult to reproduce with pen and ink.
  • I am obliged for permission to reproduce the interesting sketch which forms the frontispiece.
  • It is along the track of the old nerve that the new growths from the stump reproduce themselves.
  • Some persons are entirely unable to reproduce certain kinds of sensory experiences.
  • These windows are more or less attempts to reproduce the style of the old glass in the choir.
  • Therefore, to reproduce the style of lettering used for these forms has not been attempted.
  • Here again we see the natural tendency of sects to make sectarians and thus reproduce their kind.
  • The individual, the class, which struggles no more will in the end reproduce itself no more.
  • I reproduce drawings from the outer surface of a tripod bowl of the lost color group.
  • I here reproduce the historical facts connected with these letters, for another object.
  • Nor can he catch and reproduce the easy grace and unconscious dignity of high-bred men and women.
  • But how vain the effort to reproduce the light and shade that filled the quaint, simple room!
  • As we have seen, he is not to reproduce nature, but the human appreciative experience of nature.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reproduce | Reproduce Sentence

  • I can reproduce his face.
  • He did not know but that he might reproduce it.
  • It is not wise to reproduce those errors.
  • I reproduce the photograph herewith.
  • They may go on and reproduce their kind.
  • Poets and artists have tried to reproduce her dream.
  • Then he went calmly to work to reproduce them.
  • And besides, how could he reproduce it?
  • You shall strive in vain to reproduce it, even in fancy.
  • He seemed to reproduce the wonders of Gospel history.
  • After all I cannot quite reproduce what I saw.
  • I have now to reproduce their account in as condensed a form as possible.
  • We shall not here reproduce his inconsistencies and self-contradictions.
  • No part was employed in a form which could reproduce itself.
  • And here we may leave our narrative to reproduce the official report.
  • You can then manufacture a bank and reproduce a perfect fac-simile.
  • This work has not lost for us its importance, but we will not reproduce it.
  • They reproduce their kind by sleeping where the south wind blows upon them.
  • You long to reproduce and express at home the music you have heard elsewhere.
  • Why should I go on to reproduce his grossness and trivialities?
  • We will now reproduce the story of Solomon as given by the chronicler.
  • It was sensitive, it could feel, grow, and reproduce itself.

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