Reproving In A Sentence

How To Use Reproving In A Sentence?

  • His eyes fell upon the floor; he dared not meet the reproving glance he felt was upon him.
  • The cat opened his eyes, bent them on her with a reproving look, and slowly closed them once more.
  • Mr. Hearty had regarded his brother-in-law with what he conceived to be reproving dignity.
  • She did so once when the old man was seriously reproving the boy for some rudeness that he had shown towards his tutor.
  • Schillie gulped down her food in convulsive starts while she spoke only in short sentences to the dogs, sharply reproving them for nothing.
  • He was returning from the funeral, and it had pained him; for he had liked the wild baroness in a fatherly, reproving way.
  • At Clara's mildly reproving voice so close beside them both started like conspirators.
  • In short, he may gratify his every whim and fancy, without a pang of reproving conscience, or the least jostle to his self-respect.
  • She had met his reproving expostulations in a spirit of bantering raillery and replied with a defiance of his opinion that had pierced his heart with arrow-like swiftness.
  • Aunt Yvonne shot a reproving look at the girl, whose face paled instantly, her eyes going quickly in affright to the face of her uncle.
  • It might have been convincing to any other man, but he felt the stern, reproving gaze of Father Montigny still fixed upon him.
  • Usefulness marred, peace destroyed, a horrible dread on my mind, a reproving conscience within my breast, I seem now unable even to pray!
  • He also spoke to the soldiers, reproving them for their hasty flight, and bidding them listen to the words of their leaders, who knew better than they when and how to act.
  • So there he stood in the soft spring evening shut in by walls damp with the chills of winter, and he cast a reproving glance across to the eastern tower where the wet-nurse was housed.
  • The corporal in charge instead of reproving him, was joining in, and there was a great dispute between a lot of them about some small matter, when this young chap stood up with a flush on his cheeks.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reproving | Reproving Sentence

  • Kate gave him a reproving glance.
  • Her reply was a continuance of her reproving look.
  • Judge Maxwell silenced him with a stern and reproving look.
  • She gazed at Miss Maggie with fondly reproving eyes.
  • Would not her very closeness to me be a reproving presence forever at my side?
  • He looked at her admiringly, but with a little reproving shake of the head.
  • Debby flared up, but became meek when Sylvia lifted a reproving finger.
  • When he came back, the General Manager was with him and was reproving him.
  • And Myra reproved him, after the manner of Miss Murgatroyd reproving Susie.

Definition of Reproving

Expressing reproof; reproachful or admonishing. | present participle of reprove | The act of giving a reproof.
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