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  • A more repulsive caricature could not be imagined.
  • But the thought of using Humphreys was repulsive to her.
  • And at these times he presented a distinctly repulsive appearance.
  • Cabanis was at no pains to conceal the most repulsive features of the system.
  • She didn't want to shake hands with a repulsive siren!
  • In spite of some repulsive features, we insert the accompanying picture.
  • He was a sickly, rather repulsive lad with a callous expression.
  • For Caterina was no repulsive termagant, but a woman of marvellous charm.
  • It is repulsive to me--the thought of anything else.

How To Use Repulsive In A Sentence?

  • He despised her so much that the very thought of her was repulsive to his nature.
  • Instantly there came to her a perception of all that marriage with a repulsive man signifies.
  • Your comprehensive remark reconciles even the innocent sufferers with repulsive decrees.
  • The more repulsive they were, the softer and more mincing grew his voice in dealing with them.
  • Some were dark, repulsive and inexpressibly ugly, while others were exquisitely beautiful.
  • Lather is also cited as uttering most repulsive and scurrilous sentiments about the Pope.
  • It could not be that he would find him so loathsome and repulsive as the old woman Sal.
  • Luther is not more vehement and repulsive in his speech than the holy Word of God.
  • Miss Fetters was so repulsive that I never spoke to her when it could be avoided.
  • As soon as I had dressed I turned away from the now repulsive aspect of the stream.
  • London; old London young again; grimy, repulsive London now bright, shimmering, beautiful!
  • Karen had found her curiously repulsive and that was one reason why she had kept her eyes fixed on the landscape.
  • The character is repulsive in its conception, based on self-dislike and a spirit of disintegration.
  • He shuddered at the notion of the two miserable and repulsive witches busying themselves ghoulishly about the defenceless body of his friend.
  • It was a repulsive sight which she beheld on entering the inner room, and the work set her to do was horrible.
  • Sentiments hitherto skilfully concealed had taken visible shape, ugly and repulsive to the view of the innocent youth.
  • There is something repulsive to me in the thought of his lying dead: such a humiliating, somehow degraded corpse.
  • His arms and legs were those of a living skeleton; his poor idiotic face was made yet more repulsive by disease.
  • The characters are excellently differentiated, and the story is vastly diverting, nor are there any repulsive features about the book.
  • This lamentable lack of judgment misled the various pot-boiler writers to attack the new tendency with the most repulsive arguments.
  • In the repulsive it may be only the coarse, rough natural character; with the melancholy it may be dyspepsia.
  • I know that there are truly pious persons who are not attractive, who are melancholy, or who are sometimes even repulsive in their characters.
  • My dear, the cowardice of men when dealing with poor women is bad enough; but it is not by half so repulsive as their hypocrisy.
  • She looked more repulsive than ever, for her broad nose looked still broader, and her wide mouth seemed to grin more fiercely.
  • The poor woman essayed to speak from time to time, but with repulsive contortions, so that her words sounded like idiotic babble.
  • False and repulsive as was to him such a conception of the Christian religion, he refused, as a churchman, to accept it.
  • The Compromise measures of 1850 were repulsive and disheartening to the antislavery men in the North.
  • How shall we describe the "Incomparable," the extraordinary compound of so many brilliant and repulsive qualities?
  • To man, however, aside from its bad name and its repulsive aspect, which its gay trappings do not conceal, its whole life is beneficent.
  • He found he was really glad that Sam had come, repulsive in appearance though he was, hard of countenance and unfriendly in manner.
  • That all that fervour should have been craftily assumed for the purpose of deceit was too repulsive a subject for reflection, and she put it from her.

Definition of Repulsive

tending to rouse aversion or to repulse | (physics) having the capacity to repel | cold, reserved, forbidding
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