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How To Use Reputable In A Sentence?

  • When one is infected with this disease he should seek the services of a reputable physician.
  • Was this a reputable end, a respectable commencement of the philosophic family?
  • Urquhart stood opposite him, and thought how ill and how little reputable he looked.
  • Now he, a reputable householder, was wondering what would be the upshot of this intrusion.
  • In order to be presented at court, some reputable woman of the old nobility must act as sponsor.
  • Ambition, the mother of steadfast industry and heroic effort, has also a less reputable progeny.
  • In other respects they were plenty good-enough people; honest people; reputable and likable.
  • In fact, he was acquainted with the habits of every reputable spook in the Scotch peerage.
  • Had I kept silent, I might have lived an easy, prudent, reputable sort of life enough.
  • The better element in the theatre shuns them and their theatrical aspirations are not encouraged by reputable managers.
  • The character of the advice furnished will be exactly the same as if you visited the office of any up-to-date reputable city consultant.
  • His keen eyes penetrated the disguise of this reputable aspect at once, though he sedulously kept his own counsel.
  • After a time shuffle-board and bowls were tolerated in private houses, though not deemed reputable at the ordinary.
  • A reporter from one of the less reputable dailies had asked for an interview, and had written an article which barely escaped being libelous.
  • Far be it from any one to cast disrespect upon the reputable members of this party, whose broad wings sheltered likewise so many weak brethren.
  • Wouldn't I, for a consideration, secure the acceptance of her novel by some reputable house?
  • The fellow was crooked enough 'inside the law always,' as he said, but no more out of line than scores of reputable business men are today.
  • Sanitation is poor, but the women coming from the South, in the opinion of a reputable physician of the city, are good housewives.
  • Some maintain that they have made all their good engagements independently, others tell you that you are safe only in the hands of a reputable agent.
  • Before embarking upon his later career of infamy, he was, in the beginning, very well known as a reputable merchant in the island of Jamaica.
  • Indeed, he should leave the Jago altogether, with his family, and start afresh in a new place, a reputable mechanic.
  • Every Greek of reputable character, and all the lovers of the Greek ancient and modern history, are eligible to membership.
  • The devil may well be fought by fire, and reputable agencies should enter the field of publicity with some of the vigor of their disreputable opponents.
  • Hypocrisy naturally shelters itself below a silk; while the fast youth goes to visit his religious friends armed with the decent and reputable gingham.
  • At first I feared this was a trap on the part of my guardian, but I inquired and learned that the law firm was a reputable one.
  • As there are many inaccurate instruments in the market, it is necessary to go to a reputable maker, because an unreliable lactometer is worse than useless.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reputable | Reputable Sentence

  • Shall he look to some of his more reputable actions?
  • His one reputable passion was music.
  • No reputable man of science will go on such a committee.
  • It embraced all reputable action and covered virtue.
  • Had a reputable citizen any rights, he demanded?
  • Better get that at some reputable restaurant and not on the grounds.
  • The witnesses who made this statement were not of a very reputable sort.
  • Let him go in confidence to a reputable physician and follow his advice.
  • It is disorderly and not too safe, yet is more reputable than it was.
  • They were entirely beyond a reputable woman's means.
  • The most reputable company, and charming money getting circuit.
  • Dove Lane was no very reputable place, but it was not like the Jago.
  • They were a reputable firm and Mrs. B. knew one of the partners quite well.
  • Dr. Swift's ancestors were persons of decent and reputable characters.

Definition of Reputable

Having a good reputation; honourable.
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