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  • I was afraid Kate might be requesting it.
  • A letter was despatched to Krumpen requesting parley.
  • So he doffed his hat to Jenny Wren, requesting to be heard.
  • Newton addressed himself to one of the butlers, requesting to be announced.
  • Bader requesting her authorization, and received a prompt and kind reply.
  • The queen sent word to the king, requesting him to come and see the jackal.
  • On Chloris Requesting me to give her a Spring of Blossomed Thorn.
  • On Chloris Requesting me to give her a Spring of Blossomed Thorn.

How To Use Requesting In A Sentence?

  • A gentleman requesting a lady for a certain dance, should never ask if she is engaged for it.
  • Immediately on arriving in the city he sent word to Coleman requesting an interview.
  • Beldi then sealed the letter and gave it to Gyergyai, requesting him to forward it at once.
  • He concluded by requesting the head of his vizir at the hand of the general of Noor-ed-deen.
  • He therefore wrote to Sweden, requesting that the pirate be given a safe-conduct through the land.
  • Enraged at this issue, he sent a message the next day to Mr. Quirk, requesting a visit from him.
  • Your note of November 29th, requesting a line from me for the Autographs for Freedom, is received.
  • That evening, I received a note from Donna Sophia, requesting me to call on the ensuing day.
  • It is imperative he should come instantly, though they have delayed for a week in requesting his services.
  • He began by requesting me to give my pupil a holiday, as the family intended to drive to a neighboring estate.
  • The feast giver sings an especial song of invitation, requesting the dead kinsman to be present at the approaching feast.
  • The butler and his attendant are politely requesting the backs of all the heads to try a little jelly, or cream, or so on.
  • Upon which, up he got, and stumbled over to the dancers, requesting them to give their opinion as to whether his neighbor was a donkey or not.
  • Captain Ames must have observed his action, and showed his silent approval by requesting water for himself.
  • Mrs Wiseman was nervously preparing a salad in the pantry when she received a message requesting her immediate presence in the study.
  • I had no intention of requesting him to do so, for the air seemed clearer without him, and presently Cotton returned.
  • He also sent one of the bracelets to England to be given to his little daughter, requesting that she be always allowed to keep it.
  • One day she called at Ty mawr, in the same parish, requesting a charity of milk; but she was refused.
  • Occasions frequently occurred when Mr. Gouverneur was compelled to go through the formality of requesting an interview with this high official.
  • Captain Fennel produced his wife's letter, requesting that her quarter's money should be paid over to him, and handed in her receipt for the same.
  • Harry was sitting in the drawing-room when he received a message from Sir Ralph, requesting him to come into the study.
  • A letter was sent to them from the office of the Lieutenant-Governor, requesting them to state the grounds of their complaints more specifically.
  • Suppose I gave him an order, directed to the seller, requesting him to deliver the work to the person to whom I have sold it.
  • The president of the class soon clears up our doubts, however, by requesting President Atwood to come forward.
  • Alan smiled as he saw them, wondering if she was requesting another tip, and if it would prove as good as Merry Monarch.
  • By the first post on the next morning I received a letter from a man whom I had never met, requesting an interview.
  • He had not been long in the house when a dismounted dragoon made his appearance, requesting to have his left wrist bandaged, so as to stop the blood.
  • He replied in French, by politely requesting I would be seated; and the tone and manner of his words induced me to comply.
  • She no sooner reached the house than she despatched a note to Mr. Scanlan, requesting to see him as early as possible on the following morning.
  • Young ladies visiting a strange city should not receive calls from a gentleman without requesting the privilege from their hostess, and hostess and daughters should be introduced to him.
  • At this precise instant a messenger opened the door and informed them that Governor Johnson was in the building requesting speech with Coleman.
  • On this Keith wrote Miss Brooke, requesting a more explicit charge and demanding an opportunity to defend himself.

Definition of Requesting

present participle of request
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