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  • Organization is a prime requisite for farmers.
  • Can we put forth the requisite volitions?
  • The most important requisite in a wife is religion.
  • No kind of knowledge is requisite to make a modern Bishop.
  • But again and again the requisite decision would be postponed.
  • But the possession of a head is in no way a requisite to marriage.
  • Much knowledge and a mature understanding are requisite for an historian.
  • Three years he still thought requisite for the completion of his epic.
  • Here the feudal principle came into operation, and gave the requisite impulse.

How To Use Requisite In A Sentence?

  • Of such a state it is requisite for our present purpose to say only two things further.
  • Indeed, it is requisite to have rudimental education in our own language in heaven.
  • The faintly lighted apartment had all the qualifications requisite for a haunted chamber.
  • These twin forces are requisite for the erection of the vast edifice of personal glory.
  • There is one underlying requisite of successful agricultural education that is all-important.
  • Henceforth, money shall be the sole requisite upon which to base social claims.
  • The requisite vocal cultivation on the part of the student is, of course, presumed.
  • In the morning the proprietor lent me the requisite amount of money for a cablegram to Europe.
  • It had previously been ascertained that he knew how to string together the requisite letters upon paper.
  • In the preparation of compounds the first requisite is that the reactions chosen shall be of such a kind as will go on to completion.
  • Let the quick share your care and attention on equal terms with the dead in the matter of requisite space and accommodation.
  • To know the temper of the times with accuracy, is one of the first talents requisite to a dramatic author.
  • To the people, it is a burthen and an immoral pest; less requisite in this island than in a continental nation.
  • The requisite volleys of preliminary abuse having been discharged, more active operations began under cover of fresh volleys.
  • I returned the papers, with a note, stating that he had not the knowledge requisite to see in what the problem consisted.
  • In other departments of knowledge, a certain degree of information is felt to be requisite before a man can presume to write a book.
  • He is a hunter, and nature has endowed him with the requisite faculties, just as she has endowed the constructive spider and the bee.
  • Six weeks was the least term set for appearing to this summons, and it was requisite that a piece of imperial coin should be given with it.
  • Such are the "legitimate precautions and supports" which are requisite to render the new frontier immaculate and complete.
  • But because life is as requisite as liberty to the solution, the fight ends in the first instance as a one-sided negation with inequality.
  • Water is an indispensable requisite with Turks, and they will enjoy drinking it from the pitcher as much as from a glass.
  • The reader should have some idea of the qualifications or charms which the Arabs in general consider requisite to the perfection of female beauty.
  • The vigour was gone which was requisite to stem the torrent of fanatic valour about to burst forth from the wilds of Arabia.
  • A resemblance, nearness, or similarity of mind, almost an equality of knowledge, is requisite to a clear understanding.
  • Lawrence had no trouble in getting the requisite authority from General Schofield to visit his friend.
  • But all this leaves the great question untouched, Can we put forth the requisite volitions without divine aid?
  • Modesty is a requisite upon which too much stress cannot be laid; but this, to an English reader, requires some explanation.
  • He said that the first requisite for a packet station was that the port should afford the means for embarking and landing the mails at all times of tide and under all circumstances of weather.
  • It is to be hoped that upon any future occasion a contractor will be employed instead of an engineer officer, who cannot have either the requisite knowledge or experience.
  • He is seldom possessed of the scientific acquirements requisite to turn to the best account the vast stores of new and original information which are placed within his reach.
  • Quimby answered, strengthening his grasp on the chair in a vain endeavor to summon the requisite courage to avail himself of this rare opportunity of pouring out his feelings.

Definition of Requisite

Essential, required, indispensable. | An indispensable item; a requirement.
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