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  • He admitted young Perkin at the age of fifteen and started him on research at the end of his second year.
  • Thus equipped, he had the advantage of being one of the few English men of science who made it a practice to follow German research at first hand, and turn its light upon their own work.
  • The results obtained by research at the National Physical Laboratory, and by experiment at the factory, furthered the science of aviation, and were open to all.
  • At the arts, at scientific research, at religious contemplation--any religion will do--as students of anything and everything, and at the governing of Shangri-La.
  • There are those who, like Mark Pattison, look on it with an evil eye, regarding the examination system as a noxious excrescence and as fatal to spontaneous study and research; though they would hardly contend that spontaneous study and research flourished much at Oxford before the revival of examinations, or deny that since the revival Oxford has produced the fruits of study and research, at least to a fair extent.
  • He encouraged research at home, and gathered the records of antiquity from the ruined cities of the East, and 'the darkest monasteries of Germany and Britain.'
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