Resented In A Sentence

Definition of Resented

simple past tense and past participle of resent

How To Use Resented In A Sentence?

  • And he also resented the ease with which he had accepted his period of banishment.
  • There was a grain of truth in the epigram, but she resented it the more keenly for this.
  • She disliked strangers, and commonly resented their presence in just this manner.
  • He resented the slightest look that was anything but simple admiration on the part of his wife.
  • If he never courted their companionship, he as little resented their estrangement from him.
  • William resented this remark by twisting his chair farther away and emitting a grunt.
  • She fancied that a little change came over his face and into his manner, and she resented it.
  • Dolly did not know whether on the whole she liked the thought, or whether she resented it.
  • His murder of the serpent was more or less resented by the Delphians of the time.
  • He resented the fate that had uprooted him from Rome ten years before, sending him to Marqua.
  • He might have resented the interruption still more if he had not been somewhat mollified by the string of compliments.
  • He had resented the prodding, but it had resulted in a continuity of effort which had added to his income.
  • About this time it is evident that the secretary carried himself with some haughtiness as a ruler of the navy, and that this was resented by some.
  • Death resented this, and complained that men would now become immortal and his occupation would be gone.
  • Dorothy at five years old was a very independent little person, and resented being obviously looked after.
  • Theodore was conscious of this, but it did not displease him; she had doubtless resented his not making the expected offer earlier.
  • Being an only daughter, she was naturally somewhat spoiled, although she and her father would have resented such an implication.
  • Secretly, the other resented the familiarity, deprecated the boisterous publicity with which the stranger saw fit to do business.
  • And he had resented that, resented it only to furnish proof, when the actual temptation came, that it was true!
  • A close corporation, they appear to have resented every innovation, and were content to continue the tradition of their ancestors.
  • Their chief diversion was to guy the pedestrians, leaping from insult to swift retaliation if one resented their foul comments.
  • His wife, who had managed everything else so well, resented these criticisms on what should have been the completest example of her competence.
  • My uncle, though he still resented my refusal to go into his business, was also in his odd way proud of me.
  • But he had no chance of showing his sympathy; Herbert would have resented any exhibition of sentiment most haughtily.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resented | Resented Sentence

  • Yet she resented his watching.
  • He felt and resented the scrutiny.
  • She also resented them because she knew they were true.
  • She resented this, and charged him with neglecting her.
  • She resented extra exertion without extra compensation.
  • It was, although Longfellow resented the qualification.
  • In his heart he resented her having the most distant connection with them.
  • The old woman resented the thought of any deformity about her darling.
  • He resented this undeserved punishment by plunging sideways across the road.
  • Alan recognized this and resented it, although he knew it was his fault.
  • Therefore, he resented their insinuations and desired only to be left alone.
  • Muriel, she began to suspect, rather resented the process of being taught.
  • She, too, was aware of this silent scrutiny, and resented it.
  • The distress was so unnecessarily acute for the cause that I resented it.
  • Gray's tone of cool superiority was not resented by the wayfarer.
  • Not a few of them resented Luther's invectives against their mode of life.

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