Resentment In A Sentence

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  • His resentment was extreme.
  • She felt the resentment underlying it.
  • He felt resentment at Maria.
  • People say I have no resentment in my nature.
  • But that does not arrest the resentment of men held back from life.
  • But he could only feel a bitter resentment welling up out of nowhere.
  • Then the latter's resentment seemed to suddenly die out.
  • I had moments of vivid resentment at being thus marched towards Parliament.
  • So long as I still held myself bound to her that resentment grew.
  • There was resentment as well as distrust in the officer's protest.
  • It is said that the latter's resentment led to the persecution of Galileo.

How To Use Resentment In A Sentence?

  • A certain resentment towards her because of it was over him in spite of himself.
  • Yet with it all he bore no resentment except against the perversity of such a lot as his.
  • At first a feeling of something bordering on anxious resentment pretty fully occupied him.
  • But he had been conscious of no great resentment against the war or the Navy or the government.
  • Yet when I was with her my resentment faded; one could as little hold rancor against a child.
  • My moods of resentment against Rita, hot as they were, had no more duration than a blaze of straw.
  • If she had no feeling but one of resentment for Val, she could still be loyal to Westenra.
  • There was much resentment in Japan, and protest was made to the Federal Government.
  • With his resentment of her counsel came her first disheartening insight into the shallowness and perversity of his nature.
  • Since we cannot divest them of the resentment they have towards squatters, let them know the truth.
  • It was all black jealousy and resentment on his own behalf, and resentment against her as well as against the man whom she had chosen for herself.
  • Peter's heart thumped in youthful resentment as the thought of that evil spirit came to him now.
  • She had made no movement of surprise or resentment, for there was neither surprise nor resentment in her heart.
  • It is not surprising that a boy or girl should chafe under the system even if the resentment stopped short of open rebellion.
  • As the man drew near a flight of birds streamed from its eaves, screaming their resentment at such intrusion.
  • And she waited, hoping he would think of friendlier words to speak, now that his resentment had been voiced.
  • He had no choice in the matter, he told himself, with bitter resentment that a paltry nine dollars should mean so much to him.
  • When he spoke, she realized that he had mistaken her meaning; and for an instant her heart beat wildly with resentment or apprehension.
  • None of the circle ever complained, ever said a word which would lead one to suppose that they had any feeling of resentment or cowardice.
  • He had none of the resentment the home-bred American business man habitually feels for this kind of eccentricity.
  • Besides, by recent actions of the colonists, the resentment of the Indians had been fanned to a fury.
  • Grace had forgotten all her resentment towards Mark, forgotten that the secret that lay between them was still unsolved.
  • If thou keep the secret thou art certain of thy felicity, but if thou speak of it thou wilt incur the resentment of the imam.
  • In this can be discovered every cause of resentment and every variety of {72} complaint which the thirteen colonies were ready to put forward.
  • Of all the mixed sensations from which he suffered as he went to his dormitory that night, one of resentment against Drummond was the keenest.
  • I thought I would leave her to herself, and wait till she unburdened herself of the feeling of unjust resentment towards me.
  • I thought without any great resentment that I was being victimized; but then it occurred to me that the cause of his absence was quite simple.
  • They shock the whole nervous system, sometimes with the excitement of pain and terror, and always, probably, with that of resentment and anger.
  • She no longer felt in her heart the bitter resentment toward Olga Vseslavovna that had filled it yesterday.

Definition of Resentment

A feeling of anger or displeasure stemming from belief that one has been wronged by others or betrayed; indignation. | (obsolete) The state of holding something in the mind as a subject of contemplation, or of being inclined to reflect upon it; feeling; impression. | (obsolete) satisfaction; gratitude
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