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  • Hope lifted its resilient head again.
  • Did not resilient bones tell the tale of brutes viler than men?
  • She went by with her quick and resilient tread, her cheek royally red.

How To Use Resilient In A Sentence?

  • Evidently the instrument had rebounded from the resilient surface of the bamboo.
  • There was no sign of the native girl, and the resilient moss retained no tracks.
  • The bedding rested on wide resilient straps fixed to the cross-bars at top and bottom of the bed.
  • We average three months of beautiful, smooth, resilient and joltless roads each year.
  • Her spirit was too resilient for futile moping, and her purpose too firmly held to be abandoned on one reverse.
  • The most resilient imagination cannot endow them with form: the intelligence is balked at every essay to penetrate beyond their surface.
  • His legs moved smoothly, surely, and unhurriedly, carrying him aimlessly along the resilient walkway, under the warm glow of the streetlights.
  • Not only is it weakest, but being more resilient than the portions below it, it suffers more from the alternate movements of expansion and contraction of the foot than does the horn below.
  • She gave the impression of an easy and felicitous balance of forces, a complex of resilient strength, to which we poor Anglo-Saxons rarely attain.

Definition of Resilient

(of objects or substances) Returning quickly to original shape after force is applied; elastic | (of systems, organisms or people) Returning quickly to normal after damaging events or conditions.
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