Resolute in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Resolute

1. She was resolute to keep it from him. 🔊

2. The time for resolute repression of crime had arrived. 🔊

3. Young gentlemen, have a resolute life purpose. 🔊

4. She did not flinch, but came resolute and ready. 🔊

5. Finally he says in a loud resolute voice]. 🔊

6. A look of resolute determination had settled down upon her face. 🔊

7. A protective literature regards him among its most resolute adversaries. 🔊

8. He began already to be afraid that he might not be so resolute a second time. 🔊

9. The result of her thought, now, was a look of resolute serenity. 🔊

10. She found the major pacing up and down the road with a white, resolute face. 🔊

11. But Nannie was not so resolute as her words might have seemed to imply. 🔊

How to use Resolute in Sentences?

1. Perhaps the Scottish element among the immigrants had much to do with this resolute perseverance. 🔊

2. Mad with enthusiasm, their resolute attack was everywhere irresistible, and the Northmen gave way. 🔊

3. She had so early in life taken up an attitude of resolute spinsterhood that there was a tendency to exaggerate her years. 🔊

4. They are headstrong believers and defenders of their opinion, and not less resolute in maintaining their whim and perversity. 🔊

5. There can be no greater mistake than closing one's eyes to the good points in a resolute enemy. 🔊

6. Then the man strangely swayed and tottered in front of the very door where the calm resolute woman had entered but a few minutes before. 🔊

7. He had only to go on being resolute and cold and the past would lie down again, and once more go quietly to sleep. 🔊