Resolution In A Sentence

How To Use Resolution In A Sentence?

  • Humor lurked about the corners of her mouth; but resolution also might be read there.
  • In fact, the war resolution already has passed the house and is being debated in the senate.
  • The resolution is firmly set; the man walks forth strong as a rock in his determination.
  • I find, however, that the resolution to be silent leaves me restless and unsatisfied.
  • A great deal still remains to be done, and can be done, on the lines of the resolution of 1904.
  • If you are firm in your resolution you can in a single day bring English rule to an end.
  • His instinct, he knew, was right, but would his resolution last until he had found Patty?
  • Whatever regrets came in the darkness, the daylight brought an obstinate confidence in our resolution again.
  • There is more character and resolution in the face than in the generality of Romney's portraits.
  • He had fought against the inclination strongly enough at first, but as hour after hour went by his resolution weakened.
  • After a time (he could not be always staring at the ground) he would summon up all his resolution and look at her.
  • The members of the steering committee had afterward whispered it about that the resolution was to die in the Senate.
  • How often he determined to complete the resolution he had formed on the day of Castero's triumph!
  • His resolution to keep his mouth shut stood him in good stead now, for a hungry man is a wolf and will fight if you say a word.
  • Nesta, still smarting under a sense of disappointment, had made a sullen resolution not to appear to want to know anything at all.
  • This resolution was promptly carried out, for Luther was not in the habit of dallying long with serious matters.
  • This resolution Tecumseh never altered; time and time again he protected women and children from his infuriated followers.
  • It was even said that the inspiration and the resolution of the war going on now over the Pyrenees had come out from that head. . .
  • With the same quiet resolution with which he had locked the door below, Byrne threw open one after another the doors in the corridor.
  • With this resolution the good chaplain desired the keeper of the house to restore to him the clothes which he wore when he was first put under his care.
  • As he evinced the strength of his resolution by dismissing the most factious of his opponents, the rest became alarmed and submitted to what was inevitable.
  • A glass of beer and a mouthful of biscuit were all that was necessary to restore my strength of mind and make my thoughts clear and resolution fixed.
  • Any such resolution of a difficult technical problem exhibits the Moors to us as excelling in two of their favourite Arts, viz.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resolution | Resolution Sentence

  • My resolution was taken.
  • My resolution was taken.
  • And resolution fitting for the purpose?
  • His resolution was taken on the instant.
  • Well, the woman-suffrage resolution comes up to-morrow.
  • Nerve King had, but his resolution was asleep.
  • And the question is: Shall the resolution be adopted?
  • The joint resolution fixes the date for June second.
  • Joint Resolution No. 19.
  • He remembered his resolution to restore it and make it what it used to be.
  • Bert's resolution was taken on the instant.
  • This resolution will be spread all over the minutes, right off.
  • And now I summoned up my resolution like a hero and knocked.
  • She had made a resolution to escape from Crisp, but how was it to be done?
  • Truly, as it was, Dicky's resolution was hard to abide by.
  • He opened his bill file and turned up House Joint Resolution No. 19.
  • This resolution being come to, my lady's mind became calmer.

Definition of Resolution

A strong will, determination. | The state of being resolute. | A statement of intent, a vow
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