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  • The knowledge of truth is not a resolution of the will.
  • I admire the resolution of your father and mother.
  • She felt that the resolution of her life was taken.
  • No resolution of yours can take away that legal right.
  • But the resolution of Caleb was immovable.
  • The resolution of Lucius was quickly taken.
  • I pray your assistance in the resolution of this Query.
  • Sir Ralph kept to his resolution of going over to Downside.
  • Houtman, pursuant to a resolution of the Plenary Council.
  • The resolution of the defenders increased with their success.
  • The resolution of this paradox is the essential theme of this book.
  • Has your father rescinded his resolution of spending his life there?
  • What better resolution of the difficulties my folly has created?
  • The resolution of the most wealthy of the armed housekeepers were shaken.
  • She framed the resolution of writing to the destroyer of her repose.
  • A man who has the resolution of your son must be won by honorable combat.
  • I lifted my head and marched forward with the resolution of a conqueror.
  • The hands clenched and the face set with the savage resolution of the dream.
  • We lose our youth and we fail to lay hold of the resolution of manhood.
  • The resolution of the night before remained, but the ecstasy had vanished.
  • This transaction fixed Ralph in his resolution of becoming a poet.
  • The resolution of the Reichstag must have a two-thirds majority.
  • Barring these cases, I must adhere to my resolution of telling no fibs.
  • On March 15, a resolution of want of confidence was lost by nine only.
  • The resolution of the Delegate of France is, therefore, adopted.
  • The original resolution of the Delegate of the United States was then read.

How To Use Resolution Of In A Sentence?

  • The resolution of the required action into detailed military operations.
  • Young men starting out in the world should form the resolution of doing everything on time.
  • His eyes told her of some desperate resolution, of some counsel adopted with intense pain.
  • He was nearly deserted, when he changed his resolution of falling back on his former position.
  • They knew that well enough, but they kept to their resolution of pulling on till the last.
  • William then called a council of war, and declared his resolution of forcing the river next day.
  • It would require a strength of consistent resolution of which perhaps I was not capable.
  • A great deal still remains to be done, and can be done, on the lines of the resolution of 1904.
  • I at once came to the resolution of abandoning the case, and so I told my colleague.
  • By these courageous words the resolution of Theodora saved the throne of Justinian.
  • What can be easier than the method involved in the resolution of Mr. Rutherfurd?
  • The motion of Mr. Benton was to strike from the journals of the senate this resolution of censure.
  • The public may be excluded by resolution of a two-thirds majority of the Committee of Inquiry.
  • If this God is immutable and wise, how can his creatures change the fixed resolution of the Deity?
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