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  • I resolved to wear the coat.
  • I had resolved to go into the country.
  • I resolved to get the mystery cleared up.
  • A thousand times he resolved to flee.
  • It looked as if he had resolved to stay and fight.
  • She resolved more firmly than ever to discover his secret.
  • She resolved to keep still and say nothing.
  • But my sleep resolved itself into a series of cat-naps.
  • With but one dissenting voice it was resolved to go ahead.
  • Judge Gerard resolved my doubts.
  • Marlborough showed that he was resolved to conquer or to die in the attempt.
  • I perceived suddenly that she had resolved to end our estrangement.
  • Feeling alarmed as well as lonely, she resolved to take a ride.
  • Dave soon resolved Keith's doubt.
  • Therefore, I have resolved to give you another chance, but not here.
  • He retired and I remained; and now I resolved to have another good look.

How To Use Resolved In A Sentence?

  • Decatur was infuriated on hearing this and resolved that the miscreant should not escape.
  • Again was his vanity in the ascendency, and he resolved to propose at the first opportunity.
  • More than once she resolved to tell her father her true feelings, but shrank from the ordeal.
  • While this money lasted, he resolved to stave off the evil day of taking any decided step.
  • I was a prey to anguish, and resolved to hurry into Vienna myself this very day.
  • It was so pitilessly manifest she was resolved to idealise the situation whatever I might say.
  • But, wanting to make quite sure of death, she resolved to take it all, and she undressed quickly.
  • Meanwhile I resolved to fly to Poland, and stay there till the storm blew over.
  • He went back to his work, resolved to tear from his heart all memory of Alice Yorke.
  • The muzzle of the rifle, four feet away, was bearing directly on him, when Grief resolved to act.
  • But I was bored to death; the weather continued impossible; and I resolved to be amiable.
  • Though England was at peace with Holland, Clive resolved to attack them without delay.
  • When Ulric heard this he was greatly grieved, and at once resolved to return to the Rose Islands.
  • It would be a something to appeal to, as being an open declaration of what you were resolved to keep to.
  • My truth was hopelessly tangled up with a tale that the educated were resolved to regard as entirely a lie.
  • He gave up these forms of diversion, therefore, and resolved to amass a fortune in a more regular manner.
  • But Heliodorus executed that which he had resolved on, himself being present in the same place with his guard about the treasury.
  • I mentally recorded that four-minute altitude, and resolved to see if any man there on that night stood in sufficient favor to achieve it.
  • Betty had a double portion of care and sorrow, but she had resolved to say nothing to any one about the knife, at any rate for the present.
  • He was resolved to become a water-drinker, to pay no more visits to the man at the cottage, and to keep no intoxicating drinks in his house.
  • He'd never had an outside view of himself for years, and I resolved to stand up to him.
  • Much meditating while in the army and especially while in prison, I finally resolved to pursue an educational career.
  • After all, if one's aim resolved itself into the development of a type and culture of men, why shouldn't one begin at this end?
  • Fly, however, he would not, but would step forward rather, and be resolved what manner of goblin confronted him.

Definition of Resolved

determined; fixed in one's purpose | simple past tense and past participle of resolve
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