Resorts in a sentence

Definition of Resorts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of resort | plural of resort

How to use Resorts in a Sentence?

  • The supplied on trains and in resorts frequently is not as pure as that supplied in large cities.
  • Nature resorts to a thousand expedients to develop a perfect type of her grandest creation.
  • One of our great resorts on winter evenings was to an island which bordered a disused mill-dam.
  • No wonder, then, that the enemy resorts to any and all means to make her impossible.
  • To satisfy his incessant wants, he resorts to unscrupulous means, and to illicit gains.
  • Nearly five hundred acres of parks give the people fine pleasure resorts in the hot summer months.
  • Those summer resorts are pleasant, yet, after all, there is no place like home.
  • Alligator-wrestlers, it is said, make big money at popular resorts on the southern circuit.
  • But these are by no means all the resorts of the Bay, and each year sees additions and changes.
  • This is the most easterly of all the resorts and settlements at the south end of Lake Tahoe.
  • A state senator is one of the largest stockholders in Coney Island resorts of bad character.
  • The post office for the park and many hotels and resorts on the east side is Estes Park, Colo.
  • It has since been ascertained that this was one of those infamous inns which are the secret resorts of banditti.
  • Here he is interrupted by a violent fit of coughing, and resorts to semeiology by pointing to his throat.
  • In sheer despair he usually resorts to the hypotheses of some personal intrigue for an explanation of their powerful influence.
  • To the author it would seem that consumptives might find resorts better adapted to the recovery of their health.
  • In many species each male singles out within its territory some prominent position to which it resorts with growing frequency.
  • Both resorts use their own automobile stages daily during the season, hence keep the roads in good condition.
  • We might cover pages in enumerating the resorts of notable people in their instinctive search after necessary recreation from sterner duties.
  • During the season the fishermen from all the resorts at the south end of the Lake bring their patrons over in this direction.
  • Their favourite resorts are the burial-grounds, upon which account many persons have a great antipathy to them as an article of food.
  • In traveling, however, and at summer resorts it would be well to drink nothing but mineral water of a well-known brand.
  • Himalaya means 'the abode of snow,' and the foot-hills are the resorts of the wealthy to obtain a cool climate in the summer.
  • There are holiday resorts on the east coast of the gulf, where Bangkok residents can retire for a change of air.
  • As Nature can not make us altogether wretched she resorts to the trick of contrast by making us sometimes almost happy.
  • The inlets and beaches along the Jersey coast now given over to summer resorts were first used for whaling camps or bases.
  • He himself concurred in this, and as the home resorts were no longer places of mirth and glee, he determined to go to Europe.
  • If one desires to camp instead of stopping at the resorts around the Lake, a tent and waterproof sleeping bag should be procured.
  • The eyes of all Catholics see aright; if they are afflicted with strabismus, the Church resorts to an operation.
  • The character and tone of the place will also be recognized when it is known that saloons and gambling resorts are absolutely prohibited in the residential tract.
  • The Executive of this, as of every country, resorts to this law when, in the nature of things, the statute law is inadequate.
  • In hard weather all the wild life of the woods resorts to such places for shelter, and here the wolves would be hunting if there was a pack in the neighborhood.
  • Many portions of meadow-land are used for dairy-herds, most of the hotels and resorts on and near Lake Tahoe having their own herds and meadows.
  • He gave graphic and hideous pictures of the dives she had frequented alone, the risks she had run in the most vicious resorts on Barbary Coast.

Short Example Sentence for Resorts

  • It resorts to the protection method.
  • Why do you avoid the resorts of refined pleasures?
  • Of these resorts the El Dorado became the most famous.
  • She sought out all the summer resorts that were open so early.
  • The same thing is true of the big summer resorts of other cities.
  • He resorts to magic in the hope of--what?

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