Resounded In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resounded | Resounded Sentence

  • Voices below resounded without.
  • Rappings resounded from the walls.
  • Their steps resounded in the street.
  • Cries sounded and resounded from the hills.
  • The very hills resounded with the triumph.
  • Suddenly a shot resounded through the forest.
  • Hasty steps resounded from the road.
  • The house resounded with applause.
  • Blow after blow resounded from their hoofs.
  • The dingle resounded with my strokes.
  • Solemn music resounded through the church.
  • The horn of the postilion resounded through the street.
  • The alarm bells resounded everywhere.
  • A clinking of chains resounded from within.
  • My screams resounded loud in the room.
  • An immense cry resounded in the city.
  • Loud and heavy blows resounded through the room.
  • A shot resounded in the next room.
  • But his songs resounded only in aristocratic salons.
  • His house resounded with the sharpness of his voice.
  • The scream resounded far and wide.
  • And loud resounded mirth and dancing.
  • The air resounded with the applauses of the assembly.
  • A babel of voices resounded in my ears.
  • The whole empire resounded with his name.
  • Steps, voices resounded in the street.
  • New growlings resounded round the foot of the sequoia.
  • At that moment a heavy step resounded in the street.
  • The whirr of an electric bell resounded through the flat.
  • Almost immediately other reports resounded from due east.
  • The sound resounded through the house like thunder.
  • The least noise resounded in the vaults of heaven.
  • The clang of a bell resounded through the silent house.
  • The whole street resounded with a medley of cries.
  • The bells resounded throughout the whole city.

How To Use Resounded In A Sentence?

  • On the roof, the rain resounded musically.
  • Suddenly violent blows resounded upon the castle gates.
  • Shouts, and a far-spreading buzz resounded in the camp.
  • Rocks, trees, and torrents all resounded with my crime.
  • This exploit resounded throughout the Mediterranean.

Definition of Resounded

simple past tense and past participle of resound
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