Resounds In A Sentence

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  • The alarum resounds again.
  • The trembling earth resounds his tread!
  • Again the peal resounds just as her hand is on the lock.
  • And the chink of the guinea resounds in his ear.
  • The cawing of the crow resounds among the woods.
  • While cliff to beaten cliff resounds with sullen roar.
  • Boldly resounds thy song, thou friend of battle!
  • The noise of the anvil resounds to heaven and over the earth.
  • A loud, ringing laughter resounds from the side where Khorre was led away.
  • But mark the Rustic, haggis-fed, The trembling earth resounds his tread.

How To Use Resounds In A Sentence?

  • Again the air resounds with the yells of dogs and warriors, then all was silent.
  • In the deeper recesses of the forest resounds the monotonous, drawling cry of the sloth.
  • The clash of arms resounds from the depths of the wood long before we can discern who are approaching.
  • That it has departed is argued from the fact that the vase when cracked or fragmentary never resounds as it did when whole.
  • The pulpit constantly resounds with appeals to the feelings, and not unfrequently with warnings against the intellect.
  • Siegmund rushes to the top of one of the cloudy summits, and the clash of their arms resounds in the mists.
  • So you are hailed as a model and most romantic lover, and every tea-table resounds with your praises.
  • After the formless tumult of the wheels, the stony street resounds again to the age-old rhythm of marching men.
  • The slamming of that bedroom door fairly resounds through the long emptiness of Anne's novel.
  • Each chamber resounds with the echo of sneezing, With deep-laboured coughing and bronchial wheezing.
  • The air tastes of straw and hay; the rhythmic beat of the thrashers' flails resounds from the peasants' small barns.
  • Lizards and small snakes are also numerous in Jersey; and at night-fall, a chorus of crickets resounds from every hedge.
  • If my name resounds well in some ears, if it is envied by some who are not content with their own, I cannot therefore renounce it....
  • It is not extravagant to affirm that when act or thought reaches the beautiful, it resounds through the whole being, tuning it like a high strain of sweetest music.
  • The Kingstonian cheer disappeared in a groan as everybody heard that unmistakable whack that resounds whenever the bat and the ball meet face to face.

Definition of Resounds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of resound
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