Resourcefulness In A Sentence

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  • He was amazed at his own resourcefulness and eloquence.
  • The resourcefulness of Hawk Carse!
  • The resourcefulness of your brain will be a constant pleasure to you.
  • Legends of resourcefulness and bravery had gathered round his name.
  • But there come times when even its resourcefulness is entirely baffled.
  • Upon her watchful resourcefulness hangs the success of a dinner-party.
  • One could make the desert his if one had resourcefulness and courage.

How To Use Resourcefulness In A Sentence?

  • This resourcefulness and fertility of method are conspicuous characteristics of him.
  • The escape of the little expedition was due to their resourcefulness in fighting fire by fire.
  • Graustark has come to know and respect the resourcefulness and courage of the American gentleman.
  • But it was one thing to recognize an effective mode of conduct, and another to have the resourcefulness for carrying it out.
  • His foresight and resourcefulness were phenomenal, and no threatening situation found him without some good remedy.
  • He cast a triumphant eye around on a semicircle of admiring fellow-servants who were envying him his resourcefulness and powers of invention.
  • The old farmer was a pioneer, and he had all the courage, enterprise, and resourcefulness of the pioneer.
  • One may add that this behaviour constitutes a brilliant and lasting testimony to the foresight and resourcefulness of German diplomacy.
  • He won their confidence in his fairness, their admiration for his knowledge and resourcefulness and their respect for his devotion to the national cause.
  • There is action, dash and snap in every tale yet the tone is healthful and there is an underlying vein of resourcefulness and strength that is worth while.
  • Yet it was generally left to the initiative and resourcefulness of the company to defend itself as best it could when most seriously menaced by Indians.
  • After all the fearful lessons, DeWitt had not yet come to a full realization of the skill and resourcefulness of Kut-le.
  • They ran somewhat in this fashion: Is not the man of practical genius the man who is most apt at solving the little problems of resourcefulness in life?

Definition of Resourcefulness

the ability to cope with difficult situations, or unusual problems
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