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  • Another of their resources is not to be forgotten.
  • You must husband your resources for that.
  • They found resources within themselves.
  • So saying, he gathered up his resources and departed.
  • These men knew more than a little of the resources of their townships.
  • He would use all of his resources in the game he was about to play.
  • She could still call these resources to her aid to render her indestructible.
  • They were talking about the new resources of the Shadurskys.
  • The Revenue Resources of the Mughal Empire in India, A.D.
  • I'm not convinced that the resources of education are exhausted.
  • The experiments exhausted the Count's resources until 1905.

How To Use Resources In A Sentence?

  • And it is no less certain that this growth of resources is due to private enterprise.
  • The introduction of these elements gives new resources to existing proprietors.
  • This second letter met the same fate as the first, but her resources were not exhausted.
  • As usual, her resources did not fail her; she was really wonderful all through.
  • Personal power, freedom, and the resources of nature strain every faculty of every citizen.
  • I have neither mother nor sister; I have none of the resources which education suggests to others.
  • The Empire suffers from no lack of men; its physical resources are well-nigh inexhaustible.
  • It is called The Rich Man, and on it Slingelandt has lavished all the resources of his brush.
  • And yet after all there will be occasions on which all the resources of philology will be unavailing.
  • Such are the resources of the earth that an increase in the demand for silver will be followed by an increase in the supply.
  • Further, there is the question of the resources within the group and the ways in which they can be taken advantage of.
  • The reasons given for failure to take advantage of such opportunities or for duplicating such splendid community resources are varied.
  • Nature had given the villa its marvellous site and genius availed itself of all the resources of art and wealth to effect the wonder.
  • He examined closely into its mineral and timber resources and gave great attention to its future agricultural and industrial possibilities.
  • It was a peculiar species of warfare which was now entered upon, requiring novel resources both for attack and defence.
  • It is really a princely estate, with even greater hidden resources than those palpable and open to view.
  • Are we, then, so poor in resources that we can do no better with eighteen or twenty ships of the line than to burn them?
  • They would make inventories of all that the city possessed, and would find out approximately what were the resources at their disposal.
  • But there was in the nature of the case no concert of action, no resources behind the insurrection, and no military leadership.
  • And there exist Federal agencies able with enlarged resources to adapt their work to meet many of these needs.
  • One of the resources of my old age is three games of picquet every night after dinner with my wife, and very much I enjoy them.
  • But now it can subsist only on the resources of domestic management; and abuses in that management of course will be more intimately and more severely felt.
  • It was not only the material resources under his control that he had overtaxed, but the spring of energy within himself, leaving him no more power of resilience.
  • He said that the mineral resources were simply enormous, and were lying in sight for any one to pick up who knew how to deal with the people to whom they belonged.
  • The resources of that organization for all its tasks have been limited, so that visitors have been only to a slight extent specialized, except in the matter of language.
  • Cannot the Supreme Ruler of the world, in the resources of his infinite mind, bring as much good out of holiness as can be brought out of sin?
  • But it may happen that, deeming it impossible to triumph through his own resources over the difficulties which surround him, this sovereign may determine to abdicate.
  • A few replies, however, are illustrative of what might be done with increased resources and effective interest on the part of the state and of the local community.
  • He reached the village without further trouble, and was soon solacing himself for the strenuous day he had gone through with the best dinner the resources of the town could provide.

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plural of resource
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