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  • If so, where can more be found respecting him?
  • But respecting its etymology I am entirely in the dark.
  • Then we have learnt much from them respecting their own countries.
  • What evidence have we at all respecting either its being or its qualities?
  • FOSS, respecting effigies having a collar of SS.
  • He soon gave the Englishman abundance of information respecting the banditti.
  • I did not see, though I shared the curiosity of mankind respecting it.
  • Much has been said respecting the cause of Mirabeau's death.

How To Use Respecting In A Sentence?

  • Do your work, respecting the excellence of the work, and not its acceptableness.
  • Is there any consistency, or harmony, in such views respecting the government of the world?
  • Some niello-work is very quiet and beautiful, but much need not be said respecting it.
  • His silence respecting the Atomists might lead us to suppose that here we have a trace of them.
  • Tradition records no equally strong declaration respecting the mild and virtuous Ali.
  • All the relief I had begun to feel respecting the settlements was poisoned by these last words.
  • Any man who relies upon a good government to sustain acknowledged evil, does much to modify the notions of goodness which honest and conscientious men have entertained respecting that government.
  • These are the few memoranda my uncle left with me as to his wishes respecting the management of the estate.
  • The same remarks might be made respecting the harmony of shades of colour with colours of prismatic intensity.
  • The commissioners desired him to reflect on his offer, and to consider the confessions respecting himself and the order which he had made.
  • They each had their own day, and kept to it, respecting the rights of their friends to a share of the plunder.
  • But so extravagant are his views respecting this freedom, that the position in question is one of the weakest parts of his system.
  • Controversy has raged respecting this question of cup-washing, and many estates have abandoned it as a daily practice.
  • A word must now be said respecting the decoration of earthen vessels, but on this subject our remarks must be brief.
  • They have just views of truth and duty and are able to reveal to us many secrets respecting the life that is being lived around us.
  • Comparative estimate respecting the dimensions of the head of the inhabitants in several counties of England.
  • But all such questions, however idle and absurd, are not more so than the great inquiry respecting the permission of moral evil.
  • I so fully described the church at Attegrat, that any details respecting this would be superfluous.
  • What I have said respecting the harmony of blue with tints of orange will apply in all similar cases.
  • Two dolphins are occasionally borne together, sometimes endorsed, or back to back; sometimes respecting each other.
  • And then the old man told me a great many highly-interesting particulars respecting the demon worship of the Chinese.
  • From the same specimens we may derive some useful hints respecting the essential conditions and the right conduct of the Theistic argument.
  • I send the following extracts from the newspapers respecting Wolfe, scarcely knowing whether it may be worth while.
  • Austria, Beethoven's sentiments respecting that country, his second father-land.
  • The second book gives the details of army administration, the regulations respecting the feasts, marriage rites, education, and amusements.
  • In his travels he was true to the occupation of his life, and made collections respecting the French and Dutch navies.
  • It was his data respecting the perturbations of Uranus that were used by Adams and himself in locating Neptune.
  • It is on this occasion that the Archbishop of Tyre gives an account of what he had been able to learn respecting the Assassins.
  • The views of Luther and Calvin respecting the sincerity of God in his endeavours to save those who will finally perish.
  • The views of Luther and Calvin respecting the sincerity of God in his endeavours to save those who will finally perish.
  • Indeed, whatever we have said respecting the harmony of the ceiling decoration with the architecture of the building, applies equally to the ornamentation of the wall.
  • He had abandoned it, however, in consequence of some rather biting remarks which had come to his ears respecting the choice and suitableness of his epithets.

Definition of Respecting

regarding; considering | present participle of respect
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