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  • All restlessness now had left him.
  • She was past all restlessness or suffering now.
  • I divined it by my restlessness and my despair.
  • Her struggling and restlessness at the last were awful.
  • A sense of irksomeness and restlessness laid hold on her.
  • The old restlessness had given place to a settled gloom.
  • The warning was caused by the restlessness of the dogs outside.
  • With his increased freedom of movement his restlessness increased.
  • I always thought it was restlessness that sent ghosts walking.
  • Shorty noticed the dog's restlessness and leaned down.
  • There followed, naturally, a period of restlessness and discontent.
  • A strange restlessness came over her, a feeling of waste, of unfulfilment.
  • Remember that I, too, have the spirit of restlessness in my veins.
  • But the other's growing restlessness had not escaped his notice.

How To Use Restlessness In A Sentence?

  • Avoid a statue-like attitude on the one hand and a constant restlessness on the other.
  • She did not scold; her querulous restlessness was but a reminiscence of her scolding.
  • Where every outward object breathed of rest, there was universal restlessness among the people.
  • If we were all nervous, I was the worst, and in my restlessness took to going off by myself.
  • Mother calls it restlessness and Father says it's because I haven't grown up yet.
  • I dread the results of that racial feeling which ever and anon breaks out into restlessness and crime.
  • She must not only comfort it in its restlessness and inability to wait, but beguile it of its impatience.
  • He had about him a good deal of the modern restlessness that cannot endure one hour without work or amusement.
  • It is also seen in the restlessness and feverish excitement that are evinced by persons gazing on troops during days of review.
  • Even men of the world speak of the world-wide restlessness as pointing to some impending event of world size.
  • The absence of the cares and toil of business occasions a restlessness and desire of change, which makes him discontented here.
  • But there was something more of nervous restlessness in his voice and ways than formerly; that was the only change six years had brought to him.
  • He found it impossible to escape the restlessness into which he had fallen, and was resolved to seek relief by opening his mind to the old man.
  • It was not acquisitiveness that spurred Zoe on to her various undertakings, but the restlessness of her temperament.
  • This restlessness was the first indication she had noticed that the affair with Channing might have left its effect.
  • Within a year the restlessness which had led him to abandon the church, medicine, and the bar caused him to give up journalism in its turn.
  • It is attained even in this life by the Arahat, in whom all desire and restlessness have come to an end.
  • They have their origin in a sultry restlessness of the nerves, in the well-springs of fruitful impulse, in emotions and shadowy presentiments.
  • With sudden restlessness he rose, and walked over to the window; but the smell of dust and dry, dead vegetation smothered him.
  • But soon the restlessness of a man who is miserably unhappy at home, and who will give anything for diversion, took hold of the poor king.
  • With the restlessness of a man looking for some indefinable thing to turn up, Samuel was out on the porch waiting the return of his daughter.
  • As the morning of the marriage approached there was, however, a perceptible increase of nervous restlessness in Clem.
  • She detected a subtle restlessness in the shimmering leaves about her; the scent of the June roses caught at something elusively sad in her.
  • In order to relieve this restlessness and close a distressingly ill-ordered scene, he rose abruptly and helped Katharine to her feet.
  • His mind seemed to be on something else; once or twice he looked inquiringly at Marie, who in her turn showed signs of restlessness or distress.
  • Now you will wonder what all this has to do with your being made uncomfortable, so that you could not study, by the restlessness of your room-mates.

Definition of Restlessness

The state or condition of being restless; an inability to be still, quiet, at peace or comfortable.
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