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  • Had you seen her restorative smiles!
  • A restorative in high repute.
  • Some restorative music has now been applied to it and the corpse has revived.

How To Use Restorative In A Sentence?

  • His planting was the furthest removed of all from a proper restorative agriculture.
  • Indeed, he felt so unwell that the need for some slight restorative became pressing.
  • As a vehicle for wine, and as a restorative quickly prepared, it is all very well.
  • It is an oily starchy nut having no restorative power at all, but simply increasing fat.
  • In France this soup is considered a fine restorative after any unusual fatigue.
  • Cultivation of science is the restorative power, and the only public or private act that confers true dignity on man.
  • Theine, by being a restorative and an indirect sustainer and regulator of the circulation, may induce sleep.
  • Real tea-leaf tea alone contains the restorative they want; which is not to be found in sloe-leaf tea.
  • Its medicinal virtues are now generally discredited, except as a restorative agent in the loss of hair resulting from debilitating fevers.
  • If it is early in the day, the first thing to be done is to make some tea, the most sovereign restorative for jaded spirits.
  • Her mother stood in the wings, bottle and glass in hand, and applied the restorative whenever the girl came off the stage.
  • I knew perfectly well, or thought I did, that he needed some restorative after his recent adventures.
  • It is designed to purify a sinful people, and to revive the flame of piety in a lukewarm church, whose best restorative will be exemplary holiness.
  • She started off and Mary went on gathering nuts, her face breaking into smiles at the queer errand and the restorative power imputed to herself.
  • Those who wish to enjoy this delicious restorative in its utmost perfection must eat it the moment it is opened, with its own gravy in the under shell.
  • The restorative process may be complete by the time we have four hundred souls to the square mile, like England and Flanders.
  • It is astringent, anthelmintic and antiperiodic, highly useful in chronic diarrhoea and dysentery, not only for its astringent effects but for its tonic and restorative action.
  • After great fatigue or a chill, or where persons have reason to think they have caught cold, two or three of these rubbings-down have an extraordinarily restorative effect.
  • There were a few exceptions in the way of restorative agriculture, and of diversified investments of capital in railways, manufactories, inland navigation, and mercantile enterprises.

Definition of Restorative

Serving to restore. | Something with restoring properties. | (euphemistic) An alcoholic drink, especially with tonic.
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