Restrained In A Sentence

Definition of Restrained

Held back, limited, kept in check or under control. | simple past tense and past participle of restrain

How To Use Restrained In A Sentence?

  • He restrained his speech, backed the offending vehicle and started the travelers on.
  • Then the people being restrained from their fury, the waters surceased from their fury also.
  • Though she looked harassed and distressed, her manner showed a restrained composure.
  • And so he resigns himself to the universe, and settles down to a permanent, restrained discontent.
  • He felt a bitter inclination to laugh, but he restrained it, and did his best to make peace.
  • The guns of the nervous boys were up instantly, but Si restrained them with a motion of his hand.
  • He felt disposed to take wine with her a second time immediately; but Gammon restrained him.
  • Brand, a shrewd fellow, restrained his reply, that Mr. Perrault knew most about it himself.
  • I was more and more struck by the acceptance won by a sober and restrained presentation of this suggestion.
  • I want to tell this thing because it seems to me we are altogether too restrained and secretive about such matters.
  • They are thwarted and restrained in respect to the gratification of their harmless wishes a great deal too much.
  • A restrained note of triumph was unquestionably evident in the purser's cracked voice.
  • Was her mistress sobbing in silent anguish under the blow she had struck, or did the convulsion betoken restrained merriment?
  • But the impelling motive of the new religion was compassion, and genuine compassion is not to be restrained in artificial limits.
  • Fear restrained him from open inquiry, and curiosity kept him from making good his escape during the orgies which followed.
  • Watch retreated, still growling fiercely, but restrained from attacking the stranger by a gesture of its master.
  • Her restrained manner did not worry him, for he felt that his fight at the river was won, and the prospect of fried chicken composed him.
  • She felt an unaccountable desire to laugh, and then, at the first twitchings of her lips, she restrained herself.
  • Rather good and not condemnatory at all; rather restrained for a pbo, although of course it has the obligatory sexy stuff.
  • She seemed at that time unconscious of sex, though she has told me since how full she was of protesting curiosities and restrained emotions.
  • I found my attitudes of restrained and delicate affection for Margaret increasingly difficult to sustain.
  • The emotion of the minute, far in excess of the restrained phrases convention taught them to use, offered an excuse for his unceremoniousness.
  • I'd have wilted under it, but she didn't, only what had been a restrained quietness gave place to a sort of steely tension.
  • He wanted to ask Wickersham about another girl who was uppermost in his thoughts, but something restrained him.
  • The neighbours came to her assistance; they talked to her, they reasoned with her, restrained her violence, and soothed her into quietness.
  • He even restrained himself when Titmouse again and again asked if he could not "have the law" of the man who had so imposed on him.
  • She saw restrained adoration in Aylmer's eyes, love and trust in the eyes of the children.
  • After a few minutes Coryna returned, restrained and quiet, but with the trace of a tear that had stolen down her fair face.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Restrained | Restrained Sentence

  • But that unknown quantity in her restrained him.
  • His fingers restrained her as gently as possible.
  • But he restrained his anger with a mighty effort.
  • Then the color ebbed back again as she restrained herself.
  • The lovely voice was shaking with restrained anger.
  • But Renouard restrained his feelings.
  • I know not how I restrained my fury.
  • Jack restrained his impatience; not so Frank.
  • His heart was hot with indignation but he restrained his anger.
  • He promptly became absorbed in a strongly restrained excitement.
  • But Blake again restrained them, calling their attention to the flag of truce.
  • McMurtrey was about to interpose, but Grief restrained him with his eyes.

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