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  • Ann was distinctly restrictive in this direction.
  • These restrictive acts brought about various momentous results.
  • So far, those exemptions have been highly restrictive in application.
  • People vs. property; race restrictive covenants in housing.
  • But why do I make these restrictive and invidious observations?
  • The commander's safeguard is that he has not been too restrictive or specific.

How To Use Restrictive In A Sentence?

  • The latter danger may easily warrant public alarm manifested by restrictive laws.
  • A restrictive housing law, a constructive housing law, and a Town Planning Act.
  • They are brought together in admiring comradeship, which resents the shackles restrictive of its play.
  • It was also brought out how the owners of these properties bitterly resisted the passage or enforcement of restrictive laws.
  • The more severe and restrictive your regulations are with reference to these matters the better it will be for all decent, quiet citizens.
  • By being inclusive instead of restrictive in this matter, he avoids the danger of overlooking enemy capabilities.
  • Perhaps, poor child, she looked upon him as romantic escape from all that was restrictive in her life.
  • Though from time to time many restrictive statutes have been modified and many repealed, other restrictive statutes have been enacted.
  • We want strong restrictive laws to prevent street soliciting and make possible the detention of every infected person.
  • The cry for justice went up from every hand to the crown and the aristocracy, only to come back with a mocking laugh or a royal restrictive decree.
  • This, we suppose, will be a restrictive peace so far as Germany is concerned, humiliating her and hampering her development.
  • In conditions as restrictive as these, it is well-nigh impossible for Russian industry to hold its own, much less prosper and grow.
  • Furthermore, the Chinese version of patriotism has more cosmopolitan and fewer restrictive connotations than patriotism ever had in the West.
  • The rules in relation to apprentices are peculiarly restrictive and leave nothing whatever that is worth possessing in the hands of the employer.
  • In New England the Puritan religious and social beliefs were as restrictive as the lack of leisure time.
  • For just as a bacteria tends to grow unabated without the presence of fungus, so too does corporate power grow without the restrictive influence of government.
  • Act after act was laid upon everything connected with wool, so that it is only extraordinary that, under such restrictive trammeling, the trade survived at all.
  • The customs duties were still more restrictive of trade; as they practically excluded foreign manufactures, and were both costly and in many instances unproductive of revenue.
  • The restrictive attitudes defining women's proper behavior in the water prior to the 1920s were one element of the mores defining women's participation in society.
  • The evolution of the modern swim suit from an unflattering, restrictive bathing dress into an attractive, functional costume is traced from colonial times to the present.

Definition of Restrictive

confining, limiting, containing with in defined bounds.
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