Rests In A Sentence

Definition of Rests

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of rest | plural of rest

How To Use Rests In A Sentence?

  • Think not that charlatanic genius rests content with triumphs even so transcendent as these.
  • And where rests the responsibility of failure, and where the credit of success?
  • The few rests that they had along the way were enough rest for the horses, too.
  • But if he cannot do this, his objection rests upon a mere unsupported hypothesis.
  • Let us then look at it, and examine the assumption upon which it rests for support.
  • In the centre of the room a lofty red velvet couch rests on four gold griffins with amethyst eyes.
  • As some thinkers quaintly put it, the known rests and lives on the bosom of the Unknowable.
  • If so, where rests the responsibility, I ask again, of failure, and where the credit of success?
  • But Camillo Cavour after a life of toil and trouble, rests peacefully at Santena.
  • The difference between cells in this respect rests largely in the means employed for preventing or lessening polarization.
  • The piece slips round to one side and there is revealed a small square opening in which rests a sealed parchment.
  • The first is that scheme of fatalism which rests on the fundamental idea that there is nothing in the universe besides matter and local motion.
  • But not for the world must anything be taught as to the evolution of this globe; for this rests from beginning to end on unproved hypotheses.
  • The sunshine rests upon the grass, freely we say, but in truth under some law that prevents its penetrating farther.
  • Let us go whither the stag rests at noonday in the shady groves, whither the heron bathes and the turtle basks in the sun.
  • The evidence against him is in many respects conflicting, and rests upon mere judgment, in which the best of us are liable to err.
  • This tip spring in its normal position rests against another spring as shown, which latter spring forms one terminal of the drop winding.
  • It rests on the conviction of the human mind that God is infinitely perfect, and seems to flow from it as a necessary consequence.
  • So of spirit, or energy; the rests or remains of it in the civil and moral man, are worth all the cannibals in the Pacific.
  • In him resides the thought, the foresight, the principle of all organisation, of all progress; on him, therefore, rests all the responsibility.
  • Miss Benedetta of the lovely eyes, that languish and sparkle as if pleading against oblivion, rests her hands upon a book in reverie.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rests | Rests Sentence

  • My difficulty rests here.
  • The stamp of decay rests upon it.
  • A book rests on the back of an eagle.
  • The roof rests on wooden pillars.
  • It rests with us to break up that unnatural alliance.
  • Their practical power rests on their national sincerity.
  • In general, international law rests on social usage.
  • The story, however, rests upon no good foundation.
  • But how can there be anything which neither rests nor moves?
  • The moral conscience rests in certainty and fixity on the religious.
  • It rests with the self-governing peoples for whom he has blazed the trail.
  • The whole arduous business of government rests on his shoulders.
  • In the shadow of an old hollow tree rests a family of stags.
  • But all rests at last on that integrity which dwarfs talent, and can spare it.
  • Every judgment, even in logic, rests on such an order of truth.
  • The mere Germanisms of the novel rests and signs appalled me.
  • As it is, no man in England rests under a heavier load of responsibility.
  • Not one of the sexual vagaries imputed to Luther rests on a basis of fact.
  • The sum of all then, Phormio, rests on you: On you, and you alone.

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