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  • The attempt resulted in his getting his nose into the trap where only a horn had been before.
  • Singular good has resulted from it, both to the men and those who join in their devotions.
  • The match had resulted in an absurdly easy victory for the visitors by over forty points.
  • This resulted in the electrically restored drop, mention of which will be made later.
  • Down went the bombs, and such an explosion resulted that it could mean but one thing.
  • This was a good idea, but unfortunately its first public trial almost resulted in a tragedy.
  • Somehow the whole thing seemed to have resulted from his meeting with Gideon Vetch.
  • He had resented the prodding, but it had resulted in a continuity of effort which had added to his income.
  • It has resulted in a wave of excitement amongst immature and impressionable minds throughout the affected districts.
  • This was the same little girl that resulted the subsequent formation of the spiritualism that has been followed for the last four hundred years.
  • Hurried watering resulted in a complete new coat of leaves and a small amount of additional terminal growth.
  • My sincere effort politely to avoid society seems only to have resulted in precipitating a shower of invitations upon me.
  • The doctor said that death had resulted from syncope, accelerated by want of nourishment and neglect.
  • First there is the economic disturbance which resulted from the enforcement of the boycott whether by persuasion, or by intimidation or by force.
  • To exchange would pretty surely have prolonged the war, and might have resulted in permanent disunion.
  • Experimental work gave satisfactory results, but no practical application resulted when supplies of acetic acid were again obtainable.
  • The educational work has been progressing steadily ever since its inauguration, and much good has resulted from it to the messengers.
  • Further investigation and search resulted in the discovery of sufficient evidence to convict Awtry of being a spy.
  • Probably the invention, as a working machine, resulted from real collaboration, each having an appreciable share in it.
  • It has resulted in standardized airplane parts, instead of the endless confusion of designs and makes that existed a few years ago.
  • Jones next attempted a movement to get into position to rake his antagonist from stem to stern, which resulted in a momentary collision.
  • She had very particularly "not been concerned" with the admittedly stiff terms the rejection of which had now, unhappily, resulted in war.
  • The elections of 1864 had resulted in a two-thirds majority and it was therefore certain that the resolution would be agreed to by the next House.
  • In this neighbourhood, the concession has resulted in an increase in the number of messages for delivery over a mile, especially at Christmas.
  • There was a band of fearless men and women in the city of Boston, whose labours for the slave had resulted in good beyond calculation.
  • Thus it appears that no fact would have resulted against the Repealers, had the Government taken a severe course.
  • In this its truth Nature is vanished, and mind has resulted as the "Idea" entered on possession of itself.
  • Throughout this whole African chapter, the darling economy of the Administration was a penny-wise policy which resulted in the usual failure.
  • This resulted in the accumulation of a great body of evidence showing the need of improvement in the conditions and household management in the homes from which these children came.
  • It would have been easy to extract from Cean Bermudez the same historical details; but it could only have resulted in a thrice-told tale.
  • France was ready and willing to spend money freely for this purpose, and the Rheims Meeting resulted in orders for machines of several makes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resulted | Resulted Sentence

  • The first onslaught had resulted in a carnival of blood.
  • The treatment might easily have resulted differently.
  • The confusion which resulted may be imagined but cannot be described.
  • The telephone resulted from this observation with great promptness.
  • Disaster incalculable would almost inevitably have resulted in that event.
  • Little wonder that such a game often resulted in deaths and serious maimings.
  • All attempts to isolate the element resulted in failure until recent years.
  • The book resulted in sending the author to the Tower for sedition.
  • This has resulted in the formation of the Co-operative League of America.

Definition of Resulted

simple past tense and past participle of result
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