Resumed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resumed | Resumed Sentence

  • I resumed after a while.
  • They resumed their chairs.
  • I once more resumed my attempt.
  • Then he resumed his chair.
  • She resumed her walking.
  • Wally resumed rubbing himself down.
  • He resumed his glass.
  • Mamma then resumed her story.
  • She resumed her book.
  • He resumed his work once more.
  • Horne resumed his pacing.
  • Cutty resumed his pacing.
  • And we resumed our march.
  • And so resumed his sloping.
  • Then he resumed his argument.
  • They resumed their walk.
  • He resumed his tapping.
  • And then he resumed his quest.
  • He resumed his eating.
  • Tommy resumed the jacket.
  • Again they resumed their journey.
  • We resumed the march again.
  • Then he resumed his seat.
  • Presently he resumed his seat.
  • Bill resumed his chair.
  • Sidney had not resumed his chair.
  • Then he resumed his quest.
  • But he resumed his seat.
  • He resumed bluffness.
  • Garry resumed his seat.
  • Then he resumed his labors.
  • Then he resumed his search.
  • Garman resumed his smoking.
  • Then they resumed their walk.
  • She then resumed her book.

How To Use Resumed In A Sentence?

  • Madden resumed the binoculars.
  • She had resumed the affray.
  • He resumed his sawing.
  • He resumed his narrative.
  • Graillot resumed his seat.

Definition of Resumed

simple past tense and past participle of resume
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