Resurrect In A Sentence

How To Use Resurrect In A Sentence?

  • From those cells we can resurrect any one of whom we have an identification plate.
  • With luck we ought to be able to fetch there, resurrect the boat, and make a dash for Zanzibar.
  • He tried to resurrect his interest in the drums of jeopardy, which he might now appropriate without having to shanghai his conscience.
  • Of course they could dissolve one of the other prisoners and use 5274's plate and resurrect 5274.
  • The people who are trying to-day to resurrect the puritan sabbath are people who have got religion, but not much of anything else.
  • But look here, old chap, you look a bit cheap; we'll resurrect you to start with.
  • Nothing remained of this past which caused her to feel repentance for its absurdity except that lusty youth motionless before her with his supplicating eyes and his infantile effort to resurrect those days.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Resurrect | Resurrect Sentence

  • No patriotic citizen will ever venture to resurrect them.
  • I won't resurrect it to enlighten you.

Definition of Resurrect

(transitive) To raise from the dead, to bring life back to. | To re-use. | (transitive) To bring to view or attention.
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