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  • Had they resuscitated a madman?
  • It has resuscitated the whole realm of existence.
  • More than that, you have resuscitated an artist.
  • Some state that he resuscitated nine dead persons.
  • It is the love of God which has resuscitated the world.
  • He resuscitated Eochaidh, son of Crimthann, from death.
  • It is not resuscitated by investigating phenomena of the world of matter.
  • He resuscitated the two dead men, and the high-priest was converted.
  • The resuscitated Home has become one of the livest of pedagogical personages.

How To Use Resuscitated In A Sentence?

  • It was then he baptized the pregnant woman and her offspring, and resuscitated another.
  • And as they could be resuscitated better in a sitting position, they must be set up in some way or other.
  • She had been able to cope with the new man, but she felt numb and powerless before the resuscitated demon of the old.
  • Delacroix gave a new freedom to subject and drawing, resuscitated composition and found a new use for colour.
  • The Man of God immediately resuscitated the tender victims by the laying of hands on the salting-tub.
  • If Doctor Nibor resuscitated me with a few drops of warm water, it was because my destiny was not yet accomplished.
  • And the bill to nationalize Merlin, which had died in committee, was resuscitated and was being debated hotly on the floor of Parliament.
  • Thaddeus, suspecting a plot on the part of the cardinal, refused to acknowledge his resuscitated daughter; and for a time the matter remained in abeyance.
  • Now that the Squire had resuscitated the stocks, and made them so exceedingly handsome, it was natural that he should wish to put somebody into them.

Definition of Resuscitated

simple past tense and past participle of resuscitate
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