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  • Selected from the Gospels, retaining the biblical language.
  • Not always, however, is he successful in retaining you.
  • The retaining walls, the floor--they were faked.

How To Use Retaining In A Sentence?

  • I can only return such services by ever retaining a grateful remembrance of them.
  • They used it most effectually for retaining their ancient hold over the masses.
  • He began to question the advisability of his retaining his position another year.
  • The material for clothing should not possess the property of absorbing and retaining moisture.
  • The students of those polite days insisted on retaining their hats in the class-room.
  • These heads afford means for making the connection with the proper retaining springs.
  • Kwaiba was a man of sixty-four years, retaining much of the vigour of his youth.
  • On the other hand, by reducing the thrust on the retaining spar, the forecastle might slip.
  • They found that the pirates had liberated the crew and passengers, and returned them to their vessel, retaining only the rich cargo.
  • The dwarf grinned at him evilly, and still retaining his hold, gazed at Stubbs.
  • And his power to do this depended altogether on his retaining the forms of the shadows in his sight.
  • Probably she would have escaped the guillotine had she not been so possessed with the idea of retaining her wealth.
  • What is said of the practice of retaining pupils of all ages the same period of time in the school-room?
  • This depends mainly on the property possessed by the material in retaining atmospheric air in its meshes.
  • If the retaining indication of the hands only are given, he will go backward in a loose and extended form.
  • As our brig was a much finer craft in every respect, they determined upon retaining her and scuttling their own.
  • The strong heat instantly coagulates the albumen by searing it, thus retaining all its juices and flavor.
  • I have formerly observed that perfect form is produced by leaving out particularities, and retaining only general ideas.
  • Persian servants regard their fixed pay as but a retaining fee, and look for their real wages in perquisites.
  • The memory, the natural power of retaining and recalling what has been learned, is the basis of all progress in study.
  • To keep the horse when in movement to a collected pace, the opposite indications of urging and retaining him must be continued.
  • Bravery, wisdom, and personal popularity were the important factors in acquiring and retaining influence and authority.
  • Reference has been made to the problem of securing and retaining the co-operation of the national Church.
  • They are confused heaps of ill assorted materials, which would collapse but for the retaining strength of their covering of solid stone.
  • These dismal ruins are shapeless heaps of mud, the square towers of the square walls alone retaining any semblance of form.
  • When this consciousness is reached the courageous man by seizing and retaining it, may destroy the "sensitiveness" at once.
  • Raphael and Murillo painted at a time when the search of a new ideal could be pursued while retaining the old religious traditions.
  • The cones are abundant; the seeds numerous, winged for flight, retaining their vitality longer than most pine seeds.
  • The marquise was therefore left alone, blind, but too proud to tolerate pity, yet by her conversation retaining her power of fascination.
  • If, again, from this position, both indications are given, but the retaining the strongest, the horse will go backward in a collected form.
  • It finally grows to about one-half of an inch in length, becomes brown, almost black, the head retaining its cinnamon color.
  • He was tall, dark and rawboned, retaining through life the appearance of a countryman, according to Donatus.
  • Believe me, your last chance of retaining your position here is to remember that you have had specific orders to yield to my authority in all matters.
  • We agree with them in this, and commend their wisdom: for it presents the only chance which their system has of retaining its hold on the human mind.
  • To judge him by appearances he was just an ordinary middle-aged man of powerful physique and retaining many of the qualities of a bygone athletic age.
  • Mr. Charless, being the elder, had the privilege of choosing, and, after reflection, decided upon retaining the store.
  • If the articles of apparel possess the property of retaining air in their meshes, as flannel, the removal of heat is not as rapid as when linen is worn.

Definition of Retaining

Of or pertaining to something that retains something else, as with a retaining wall. | present participle of retain | The act by which something or someone is retained; a retention.
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