Retaliate In A Sentence

Definition of Retaliate

(intransitive) To do something harmful or negative to get revenge for some harm; to fight back or respond in kind to an injury or affront. | (transitive) To repay or requite by an act of the same kind.

How To Use Retaliate In A Sentence?

  • So they retaliate on the spirits by cutting down trees till they find the child.
  • He had determined to fully retaliate upon the hated enemy whom fate had placed in his power.
  • Why did not our government retaliate by imposing like duties upon British goods and vessels?
  • It was then that I made up my mind that I would retaliate for all that my race had suffered.
  • Uncle William even threatened to retaliate by starting an opposition dance house at Ghost Rock.
  • Her quick woman's wit told her how to retaliate and divide the embarrassment of the occasion.
  • She felt more like running after me to retaliate on me for thus abusing her, than she felt like loving me.
  • It was then that we could retaliate about 50 to 1 if they were sufficiently "agressed" to fire back.
  • He had intended merely to retaliate through his official capacity, and now through these trivial pettinesses a deadly plot had been revealed.
  • Under the new sting of humiliation she writhed, burning to retaliate and make him see the height of her pedestal.
  • And then those beastly monkeys, I always understood that if you flung stones at them they would retaliate by flinging cocoa-nuts at you.
  • After this provocation the Spanish authorities felt forced to retaliate and decided upon an invasion of Georgia.
  • Now that the Confederates held an equal number, they were going to retaliate upon the overconfident North.
  • But, when the Ice Spirit beset us with peril, they did not hesitate to retaliate by banging his subjects.
  • Wherefore we are met upon common grounds to devise how we may retaliate upon them the wanton outrages they daily perpetrate upon our unfortunate kind.
  • Tennesseeans, wronged by Indians and by the Federal Government; not allowed to retaliate on their foes.
  • There seems to be a pretty general opinion that they will retaliate by dropping them into this place if they have time, and pulverising it like Ypres.
  • But if these passages are applicable to individuals and prohibit them from acts of retaliation, and if the rights of nations are founded on the rights of individuals, then nations have no right to retaliate injury.
  • The deadly missiles wrought a fearful slaughter, steadily decimating the ranks of the royal army, which had no similar weapons with which to retaliate upon us.
  • Why, it is being asked, do not the French retaliate for the damage done by the Germans to their cathedrals and drop bombs on Berlin?
  • He seems to consider that the greatest fun on board is to rumple up the stewards' hair or to knock off their caps, and as they can't retaliate it is poor sport.
  • Cracker would meet the girl in the street and walk up, laughing all over apparently, and shaking his thick stub of a docked tail till it seemed to retaliate and shake the dog.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Retaliate | Retaliate Sentence

  • To retaliate would be suicidal.
  • Mero district, convention wishes to retaliate on Indians.
  • Besides, they might retaliate by spiflicating our agent in Damascus.
  • The tables were now turned: the Dutch could retaliate upon Swedish shipping.

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